Suggestions about T4

If you look at the Matchmaker queue you will barely find ppl queueing up for t4, not because no one ows such a ship but they are:


  1. Expensive to maintain (rep. costs explode and there is a chance to actually loose money)

  2. Matchmaker waits for 5 Minutes to decide to team up the (few) ppl in the queue. 

  3. Most battles aren´t “fair”, so that the most of the time you wipe the floor with the enemy or get wiped. 


These points seem (to me) the reasons why there are so few players in t4. 

On the other hand there are a lot of ships since 0.8.0 in this Tier and so, with above arguments, the game is cutting its implemented content (tier 4 ships). 


I like t4 ships. They look awesome and can be customized even further than t3 ships, but the 3 points are very annoying. 


So what could be done:

  1. Lower repair costs

  2. Tweak the Matchmaker

 a) if there are only 2 ppl in queue just let them have a battle after a 1:30 wait

 b) if there are only <6 ppl in que pair squads vs. squads an pugs vs. pugs, since it is a huge advantage to have      a squad in a 3v3 for example. 

  1. Give PPl a reason why they should queue up on t4, like more influence on the sector conquest. (lowering the faction gain after reaching a certain rank is a good idea, but doesnt seem to affect the playerbase much). 



On a side note: Why has the Lance S no bonuses and the Arigato AE only beacon capture speed increased? 

This seems a bit unfair comparing to its counterparts. 

Feel free to add more ideas. 

There was already few discusions about this problem but nothing changed so far.

un-nerf loyalty and more players will arrive at competitive T4 levels…