Suggestion to Increase Active/New Players

Hi Devs, Staffs and fellow Mercenaries:
According to Steam Charts, the peak player count has been progressively deteriorating for the past 4 months. I’d like to make a suggestion to spark others’ interest for Star Conflict.


Gifting Iridium in Exchange for Facebook (or other social media) Post/Shares

This method may be a little complicated, but basically Star Conflict will have to access the player’s Friends list to acquire his/her friend(s) count. [Optional:] The game then checks the player’s friend count and determines if it is sufficient (let’s say, 25 or more), then checks if the post’s visibility is “Public”, “Friends or Friends”, “Friends”. If all conditions are met, the server will credit about 50 Iridium (not fixed) into the player’s account. To prevent spamming or unfair advantages, this method may only be used at most 4 times per day (totaling 200 Iridium). Also, this method may also solve another issue: insufficient Iridium sources.


Let me know what you think. Thanks!

This is not possible due to the game engine’s limitations and the Facebook’s policy.

Oh yeah, steam charts, when less than 10% of the playerbase uses steam, and how will some iridium bring people back, or have them start playing? The major problem is pvp matchmaking and general balance.

As much as i would commend the suggestion, the main aspect of the game is something else, iridium is important but wont make anyone stay in a tiresome unbalanced gameplay unfortunately.