[Suggestion]Synergy To Credits Converter

I’m sure I am not the only one on these forums with an excess of Synergy on my Elite ships. So the idea came up to be able to convert Synergy into Credits, since people with excess Synergy problems usually have too few credits to buy the next ship in line (that is worth using). 


So my suggestion is a simple way to convert the excess synergy into credits, there are a few things I am not certain of and got several ideas about the possible implementation method and would like your feedback.

In my eyes the convert rate should be quite low, so that the GS > Credits is a better option if you got the GS for it. 

I won’t talk about numbers right now, since I first want to know if you like the idea itself.

If you got any options of your own, feel free to add them in a reply and I’ll add them to the list.

This is just a suggestion, and even if the forums want it, I do not ask for it to be implemented instantly since there are more pressing matters that need developer time.


Option 1:

You would spend GS to convert Synergy and Free Synergy into credits.


*In my eyes this is a bad option, since if you don’t want to convert it from Synergy into Free Synergy with GS to level other ships, why would you use your GS to convert them into credits.


Option 2:

Convert would be free and you can convert both Synergy and Free Synergy into credits.


*In my eyes this isn’t a bad option, but the devs wouldn’t be able to get any income from the system(Which will likely mean it will get rejected by them)


Option 3:

Transfer would be free, but you would only be able to covert Free Synergy into credits.


*In my eyes this is the best option, as this would leave the possibility for the devs to get a (slight) income from it. Since you would have to use GS to convert your Synergy into Free Synergy to convert them into credits.





Excess synergy into Credits ?


Genius !

re Option 1: I might spend GS to convert synergy into loyalty, but not into credits.


re Option 2: Sure! How many credits would I get for that?




Agreed that it cannot be in the interest of the devs to allow that.


re Option 3: Could be implemented at no detriment to anyone, but I don’t think anyone would do it. Converting synergy to free synergy is expensive, a license is not and should cover all your income needs.