Suggestion: New PvP game mode Convoy raid.



after I read Ixtli’s Idea of an raid mission, i get exieted. You can find that topic here : [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18847-convoy-raid/)

But since Ixtli’s idea is an PvE mode here is my version of an PvP Raid mission.


Sorry for my broken english :wink:


PvP mode  "Convoy raid"


There are 2 teams: 

Convoy defenders and raiders.


The defenders are starting and respawning at the convoy.

The raiders are starting and respawning at some kind of a spacecraft carrier, the raider’s base ship. After it is destroyed raiders can not respawn.


The subject:

The convoy is on its way to a jump node, etc. to warp out. So there is limited time, lets say 5 min. After this time is over all intact convoy ships will escape.

The raider’s baseship starts in 10km distance from convoy and also moving towards that jump node ( to collect the loot).



The tasks for the teams are:

The raiders should try to disable / distroy the convoy ships from moving. So the disabled convoy ships will fall behind.

The defenders should prevent the raiders from damage the convoy ships. Also they can attack the raider’s base ship.


The winning conditions:

Raiders win if all convoy ships are disabled / destroyed.

Defenders win if at least 1 convoy ship escapes OR if the raider’s baseship and all raiders are destroyed.


At the beginning of the battle the distance between both respawns is maximum and it takes a long travel time for the enemies to reach each other. So the defenders could start an early counter attack and fight raiders before they can reach the convoy or even try to attack the raider’s base ship to win quick.


While the battle continues and the raider’s base ships and convoy (respawn points) come near each other the battle becomes more exciting. If at this time the most convoy ships are intact it will be hard for the defenders to cover them all.


What do you think about such a game/battle mode?




I like it. Convoy based missions always bode well in space.


It’ll need some features to make it fit into Star Conflict though, I can see a couple of problems such as the convoy dying too fast and players setting up long minefield paths for them to travel through.

Perhaps the convoy could be 3-4 larger cargo vessels? (larger than punisher boss, smaller than a beacon) each one has a special shield generator that benefits from nearby team members (500m?), whenever a friendly is close it reduces damage taken by 10-15% up to a maximum of 85%, this would prevent nuking and require the offensive team to overpower the defence instead of ignoring defence and nuking the convoy.


For the offensive team I think it would be great if they had some sort of epic-scale counter-measures, such as blowing up huge asteroids with nukes which causes a giant field of debris that is hazardous to the convoy, so they must take a diversion, blast oncoming asteroids out of the way, or suffer the hull/shield damage.

And for the defensive team they should get convoy one-off powers, such as emergency warp to the previous waypoint (regroup) or some kind of crowd control/obstacle clearing ability.

No idea how these should be controlled, but it should be team focused. 


Also should the convoy be automatic or player controlled to some degree?

I’m not very confident in how I explain stuff so I took five minutes to make this picture that illustrates a voting system incorporated into a waypoint system that would allow players to essentially vote which flightpath they want their convoy to take. It is a 4x3 layout and each player can vote which colour in the ‘tier’ of waypoints they would like the convoy to follow. This gives players more of an involvement in tactical decision making, because ideally different waypoints will provide cover instead of a straight trajectory or vice versa.


Ok I lied, I guess I love the idea :smiley:




Like the idea. If it’s implemented, the problems will surface by themselves and then we can see what works and what doesn’t.