Suggestion for improving scenarios

One issue I have with scenarios is that the shield generator module and directed repair module is pretty much a requirement to complete them. Often I get paired with people who don’t have it (too low a tier or just don’t have it) and that then leaves me using the same ship and tactic over and over. The reason they are needed is mostly due to elites using beams and the commander and boss having a powerful pulsar. This resoults in a lot of unavoidable damage that eats through your shields and the modules are required in order to be able to tank the damage.


While I have different ideas of how it could be solved, I belive the most simple one is to give a mk I directed repairs and shield generator buff to everyone. This should make a group of only tier ones more viable and frigates can take more situational modules rather than always on modules. You could still take a higher version directed repair and/or shield generator which would replace the default buff when active.


Any thoughts are welcome.