Suggestion for "Expanded Hull"

Alright, the much awaited Expanded Hull module is here, and… it’s completely dissatisfying.


The module currently expands cargo capacity by 3 slots, is only available for premium GS currency, and the price scales with the Tier, from 810, 1345, and 2215 for Tier 3, 4, and 5 respectively. Ships are also limited to a MAX of 9 cargo slots.


Module also boosts hull ‘durability’ by 24% which is about the same as a Mk4 Reinforce Beam module. Although it’s description uses the term ‘durability’ instead of ‘strength’ like other volume boosting modules.




First: Uncap the maximum number of cargo slots, so ships can cram just as many expanded hull modules on as they want and not be penalized for it.


Second: Make it available for credits! You already charge enough for other things in this game, this module should not be one of them.




You already have the GS-exclusive spatial scanner, which is practically the only way to find those stupid cloaked rare loot containers. Why do you need to charge for cargo space? Especially when it is capped at 9? For a non-premium fighter to reach maximum cargo, you only need 1 module. But a non-premium interceptor? They need at least 2, and the second module won’t even be used to its full capacity because it will extend past the limit on cargo space.


At present, it’s a worthless module that is overpriced and poorly thought out, the result of which is that it appears to be just another money-grab.

It is a convenience rather than a necessity.  Just like paint jobs. → GS  Well that’s how I see it anyways.  


As for the limit to 9 I also find it is not a good idea, but maybe in the coding it is limited to nine, so adding more would require extra coding. Having more than nine might also cover up certain other things on the HUD. I dunno, just throwing out possible reasons for it here.

It is a convenience rather than a necessity.


And you don’t think that price is a bit steep for a meager 3 loot slots? Come on. The amount of time that would save me in Invasion is 5 minutes, tops.


But seeing as I already have 7 slots on my premium ship that I use for Invasion, there is even less reason for me to buy this.


It’s a poorly conceived, over-priced gimmick that is useless in its current form.

I agree with Soldier, here. Three slots is barely even significant, probably saving a grand total of something like 5% of your time played in invasion. Combined with the price tag and hard cargo limit cap at nine spaces, it’s a bit useless right now.

Well don’t buy it then! There were people who were asking for a module exactly like this! And a quarter of the price of a t3 premium ship seems fair to me.

Only point I agree with you on is uncapping the number of slots possible and making the modules stack.

And a quarter of the price of a t3 premium ship seems fair to me.

T3 premium ships cost 9k gs?

T3 premium ships cost 9k gs?

they cost 4070GS

the max of cargo slots is 8 for all ships.


But I agree on the GS/credit issue - forwarded to Devs

Oh my bad. I thought they cost 8k. Guess I need to stop waiting for sales and buy them properly for once :P. So half the price of a t3 premium ship, for a t5 module. Still seems fair to me.

It’s not that bad, and you don’t need thousands of it… So yes. + it’s clearly a premium feature for the devs and have no real effect on battle…


@Gekaler : devs said max cargo was 9… Is there a bug?

It should be 9, premium Frigates have 8.

I found a way to give expanded hull to other people for free in pvp.

It should be 9, premium Frigates have 8.

I found a way to give expanded hull to other people for free in pvp.

“expanded”, not “exploded” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good day! Thank u for this comment. We appreciate.


1.we’ll consider ur suggestion about making it available for credits but i have to remind u that we don’t give comments about the game economics.

  1. about slots limit. it seems interesting and  we have ideas of increasing maximum number of cargo slots in the future.