Suggested balance change to the unique modules on premium ships.

Very simple one, make premium ships only be able to use unique modules from the set those modules belong to, for example, if you install the Draccar which belongs to King Nibelung, you should only be able to install the Active Screen which also belongs to King Nibelung, if you want to use any other module that doesn’t belong to the set you should remove all the unique modules that don’t belong to it, for example, you want to switch to the Side Booster, which belongs to Nibelung, the only items you can use are the other ones that belong to Nibelung, which is the Hazardous Veil, and that’s about it, this change should make the ships more or less equal, they can use more sets, but not at once, the only difference will once again be different module slots and stats, an alternative change would be making modules such as the Hull Restoration System, Quantum Defence, Duelist Protocol and Repair System Sabotage take up one unqiue module slot, what do you think? This is after all one of the biggest issues that renders PvP unbalanced.*cough**cough*

Seems like a nice start to me but i dont think that there would be changes like that.

Unlikely to happen, premium ship sales got boosted.


Yes, this would bring prems closer to standard ships. +1