Subscription Option?

Most F2P games have a subscription Option generally it looks something like this:


(Note: this is edited for Star Conflict)



14.99 per month


Bennifits :


* Elite Pilots License (Lasts 30 days) - Grants: 

  1. 75% Experience gain

  2. 100% Reputation gain

  3. 75% Loyalty gain


* Persistent “Monthly” Galactic Standards allowance (Must be purchased month after month to stack. If you cancel, you must restart at month 1):

1st month - 2500 GS

2nd Month - 5000 GS

3rd Month - 7,500 GS

4th Month - 10,000 GS

5th Month - 15,000 GS

6th Month - 20,000 GS

All months after the 6 month - 20,000 GS


* Special Ship sticker (of some sort)



I think this could be a real cash cow for The game developers, as well as give people who want to pay a sub the option so they wont have to keep renewing their liscense.

This is a great idea and I would certainly subscribe to something like this one.


The persistent idea for GS is wonderful too.  I wouldn’t mind paying a monthly fee if I was able to get GS in turn for it and be rewarded for staying a loyal subscriber.  Would sign up in a heartbeat.

good idea should be implemented or atleast somethign very similar for around 9-15 euro per month

What would make it really sell is vet rewards, like ships with new ship skins/paint jobs  all fluff stuff for having it so many months in a row.

You copied that from PS2 didnt you?

The tiered subscription system is absolutley horrible idea as it is in PS2 where it looks like just money grubing.

No its not just PS2 that does it, every single F2P company out there does it generally speaking, if they are an “MMO” (With the exception of LOL) They have a sub model, Tera, SWTOR, Aion, PS2, City of Heroes, Justice league, DC comics, The brand new defiance made by the company which makes “Rift” and I think  Rift it’self, Fallen Earth, and many many others, all major titles which have 10’s of 1000’s of players have a sub model similar to this one. In fact the only 3 games I can think of which are AAA titles and are not currently F2P with a sub option are Eve online, Perpetuum, and WoW.


And who cares if the devs make a killing off of it, the players would love it, I mean the point (and bottom line)t is for the company to make money after all…