Sub sectors

Sector control is determined based on who wins when the timer runs out. As of yet, the benefit to owning a sector is that you can brag about it.


But what if a sector could be actively contested?


I would put forth that each main faction’s section of space have 1-3 contestable sub-sectors.


A sub sector could work as follows:


  • The sector be divided into three parts
  • Any pilots in a Corporation could compete at any time regardless of the main sectors currently in combat.
  • At the end of the timer, the Corporations  with the most influence points in a sub-sector gain control of it.
  • If a single corporation gains the entire sub-sector, they receive a 24hr duration bonus (synergy, credits, GS, combat bonus’, something actually good.
  • Upon being conquered by a single faction, the sector is held for the 24hr duration and cannot be contested again.
  • If a sector’s subsections are controlled by 2 or more different CORPs, but all from the same Faction (jericho, Emp, Fed) then the Corps involved each get a partial bonus with a combined lesser value than a full bonus, however, it is also protected with a 24 hr duration.
  • If a sectors Sub-sections are controlled by corps from 2 or more main factions, the involved Corps receive an even lesser partial bonus, but only for the duration of the reduced sector timer.
  • In addition, if the sector is completely controlled by 1 or more corps all from the same faction, fighting for that side of the conflict for the 24 duration would receive a small, balanced bonus as well


I feel like this would give the smaller corporations a goal to work towards that benefit’s themselves, their faction as a whole and can be recognized by the whole community. It also makes it so those who appreciate a faster rate of gameplay still contribute to the larger community rather than simply having a separate 2x speed timer server.


It could also be that a full 24 hour bonus has 3 facets, represented by the nature of the subsector. The three subsectors within these areas could be as any of the following:


  • A giant tunnel system within an enormous asteroid mining facility
    • Control of this facility could yield a credit or GS bonus for the Corp who wins it.
  • A dreadnaught construction yard on a planets surface or in space (also with or without tunnels
    • Lower or disregard re-arming and repair costs, perhaps including premium ammo.*
  • A nebula with low visibility and or harsh “weather”  (making spy drones helpful for snipers, no cover but low visibility)
    • As a renowned and hallowed place for space pilots, from before the division of the three factions it would increase synergy and loyalty rate. ( More opportunity for game lore )

These, or something similar would further focus a corporation based on it’s needs. A newer group might aim to control the Nebula in hopes of all unlocking t3 ships faster. An older corp might focus on mining facilities credits, as it seems you can never have enough damn credits for your modules XD. A larger active corp may aim for the dreadnaught yard, especially if it were to overlook premium ammo restock costs.


Again, these are just my ideas, the balancing of which is beyond me. :smiley:


*Whereas it may seem overlooking the restock fee for even a short timer goes against a F2P’s true mission of “suggesting” you choose options that cost money, how many people are going to forget they had awesome missiles equipped and end up spending GS? See! I’m not just about being frugal, I can keep the game dev’s interests at heart too!



Any thoughts?