Strafing in Destroyers

Just wondering, in free aim mode, is there any way to strafe with destroyers? Even if I have to assign two extra keys for that, it would be nice to have.

Destroyers can’t really strafe like other ships. Can’t change that.

8 minutes ago, OmegaFighter said:

Destroyers can’t strafe. Can’t change that.

You can in classic mode…

25 minutes ago, HBZK100 said:

You can in classic mode…

Yeah. You get like 2 m/s strafing. XD

Just now, TheDarkRedFox said:

Yeah. You get like 2 m/s strafing. XD

Yeah I know, it’s insanely slow strafing (which is good since it’s a destroyer). But the reason why I would like this option on free aim mode is for those tight situations where your being attacked and shooting at your attacker, then you strike a space rock by accident, strafing around the rock instead of going into reverse is a much more efficient way of doing things.

Giving them full strafe abilities would make them really broken.

Allow me to correct you:


It can get even to 17.5 m/s with the “Cheeath” implant,even more with some Inertial Stabilizers,but dont bother to,you will barely get to strafe as fast as a frigate,and with that hitbox,you will still be as easy to hit.

Don’t forget the special speed bonus. 

The speed special increase all speed stats, including rotation and strafe. 


You can actually get quite a lot of strafe. 

so how much (theoretically) can you get out of triple mk4 inertial, cheetah and fed spec module?

base 10m/s

47%x3x0.8 for strafing motors + 75% from cheetah

strafing with items : ~28 m/s


Federation router applies on the total (which is why it is so good. It’s not a +60% base speed, but +60% speed with items).

So a total of ~46m/s

Which is the base strafing of a federation frigate.

Definitely not worth it, but can be quite fun.



On the other hand, you can be more mobile than a fighter :


3 rotation speed motor.

2 submater shield

1 live crystal hull (because OP)

1 light hull

1 Energy regen capacitor

1 Speed capacitor

1 Extended hull or proton wall


For final stats :

67 deg as rotation speed (Fighters have 60-65, interceptors have 75-80)

A max speed of 380 m/s

And a survavibility of 210k/250k depending on your last slot.


That is ridiculous.

I tried the strafe on Antares at one stage. It was cute, though more sluggish than a frigate