Story Mode [Gamemode]

One thing that I always wanted from this game is an actual backstory and a story-mode that you could play. Maybe (given the time) you could implement the recent events with pirates and aliens as Story Missions. The actual Story Contracts could be implemented as a sort of “tutorial” as the first few levels of the story mode. And as you progress, the levels get harder and harder until you need to go to PvP/PvE to get money and ships to continue. Story Mode should have great rewards for completing missions, such as GS, Blieprints, special ships, special weapons, Materials, etc. If you want to go the easy(lazy) route, each level could represent a rank of the ship tree for players to travel up, starting with tutorials and ending with massive boss battles. This would give for a total of about 20-25 “levels” to complete. Do what you want with it, but something like this would be really nice. Also, given that this wasn’t a thing prior to whenever you implement it, everyone will be starting out at level 0 and nobody will have unfair advantages, aside from already progressed ship lines.

There’s this other “Tanks” game where there’s a story-line, but you play the story by doing the PvE missions. I’d love to see such a thing.

PvE=/=Story Mode

PvE=/=Story Mode

Well I said that the game offers a story line based on LOTS of PvE missions. But if what you’re saying is Story mode, it would be the same as PvE if you have to do it with other players, but NOT if you have to do it alone. I’d prefer to do it with other players.

I had thought that a few of the levels would be “team levels” where this could be an option.