[STORM] STAR STORM corporation



Star Storm is an old, powerful corporation focused on Sector Conquest, PvP, Leagues and Tournaments. We’ve won many wars between corporations and alliances and our wings participate in Spec Ops and Sector Conquest every day. We have the highest corporation PvP rating. Star Storm owns the most valuable sectors:




If necessary, we perform training for newcomers. Our pilots trade at minimum prices between themselves, or simply exchange items.
If you wish to join our corporation, these are our requirements:

  • Participate in Sector Conquest every day
  • You must be in our TeamSpeak (Starstorm.ru) when Sector Conquest begins. If you can’t talk you must at least listen.
  • Our wings for Tournaments and other events are organised 15 minutes is advance.
  • Be a team player and listen to your commander’s orders.
  • Report the battle situation and your status to commander in battle, there’s no place for spam during games.
  • Don’t self-destruct in any game modes.


Minimum Statistics:

  • >2000 PvP battles
  • Ships — all factions tier 5 (13-15rank).
  • Average kills — 2.5+
  • Win rate > 1


Storm is coming.

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