Store / Warehouse not enough space for all ships.

  • Store/warehouse doesn’t have enough space for a player to have all the ships in game.
  • Game has all this stuff abut “fleet strength” and even bonuses as “collectioneer”  but doesn’t alow you to have all the available ships in store, cause store (in it’s max) have no space.
  • U can only grow until U reach 1,500 spaces on store when U really need 3,000 or 5,000 spaces to have all the ships and some extra modules, ammo and parts/rough materials.

    Guys… I sold all the mk2 kits I had… Transformed all rough materials into parts… Sold almost everything I didn’t needed… AND GUESS WHAT? I HAVE NOT ENOUGH SPACE TO BUY ANY MORE SHIPS … I wanna have all the ships the game offers… I bought several premium ships recently. I spent a lot o money in this game … I bought DLCs that guaranteed me “enough space on warehouse”… I even bought expansive more space, but I have reached the game’s limit of miserable 1,500 spaces…

   Well… I hope U guys fix it or U will loose a player that spends about 5-7h/day and plays every single day… Look my stats and see how much I spent on this game to get to this point and have no perspective o growing or buying anything or any ship. I was even planning to spend at least US$ 200 in next month to buy some more DLCs, but I have NO SPACE.

    Developers… U are not allowing yourselves to get money limiting store to 1,500 spaces.

   Well I consider ridiculous if u tell me to sell my collection of mk4 kits that are just waiting to be implanted on modules as soon as I have enough vouchers to level them to mk3 and then to mk4, or if U tell me to sell my first level ships… Guys my ships from level 1 to 10 are all max leveled and I intend to put them all to mk4/5 modules and guns and have one of the strongest fleets on game. So better fix warehouse/store to at least 3,000 or 5,000 (or even unlimited) spaces PLEASE!!!


RamboX [BORG]


Sell all the mk1 crap you got. If you buy ships and dont sell/upgrade those modules, you will have an insane amount of space wasted (rough estimate: 16 items per ship multiplied for 120 ships (considering mostly T4-5): 1920 slots). I got a lot of time playing and ive been sitting with less than 800 items for years, considering i have 142 standard ships + 21 premium, almost every module mk4-5 and plenty of modules repeated 3 to 5 times. Also, just to make sure, dont get modules for every ship to keep them permanently there; its much better to swap them among other ships to avoid purchasing and upgrading way too many mods…As long as you have the necesary mods to fit 4 ships of similar ranks at the same time, you are perfectly fine.

My advice is to keep one set of gear per ship class per rank and sell or salvage the rest. It was very hard for me at first, but now I am ok. I once made a post very simular to yours.

Keep all your blue and purple gear as that’s a lot of grind time to lose. If you do this, you should have plenty of space. The ships and os materials do not count towards your warehouse space, but the gear on for your ships do. You can’t have all your ships fitted ed with gear. None of us like it, but we all have been forced to work with it. This is the only option I know thats works. 


Actually having one set per class is not sufficient. Currently to fully experience the game we are forced to fly in different ranked ships, with different modules setup. 

As a multirole player I have to have ships ready for different occasions and sometimes it’s “niri, we have 2 minutes, get into League/Tourney/whatever wing - get command, ECM, LRF and tackler” - so I have to have my ships ready. And guess what? With spare blueprints and ammo they take 1423 spaces. So I’m no stranger to salvage button. I would love to have bigger warehouse, but AFAIR devs said something about performance issues with bigger warehouses and that they don’t plan to increase the size. 

We have plans for increasing storage space soon ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) So, the life of the pilot will be a little bit easier)

Thanks Devs for reading and considering the matter. I understand what friends above proposed but I still prefer to have space enough to have all my ships equipped and tunned, and yet have some space  for rough materials and parts for future ships or mk4 upgrades.

Rambox [BORG]

I have exactly the same problem. Devs - please do something fast. ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

Thanks Devs. for considering to increase store spaces… Please do it urgently!



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I am still below 800 items

Having no modules on some ships and having to swap every time you change layout is somehow unsatisfactory. Having ships ready any time saves time too.

18 hours ago, QACinnamonTroll said:

Having no modules on some ships and having to swap every time you change layout is somehow unsatisfactory. Having ships ready any time saves time too.

Do you really fly with mk2 ships or lower when you can switch to higher modules from other ships? I could bet that when you would switch to one of those ships you would cahng/upgrade the equipment.

Imo the best way to solve this non existent warehouse problem is giving the player the possibility so save presets for ships, so euipment of ships taht are not in the lunup will get removed and put automatically on the current one.

I have 900 slots in the warehouse and only 10 are not mk4.

Yes but why is the space limited anyway? I get the “this is the way to temp. solve this problem”, but it doesn’t really change anything with the “But there will be this feature anyway”