Stingray buff

I propose a buff on the stingray, atm is a rank 10 with 1 less slot than other ships at the same rank, i propose to add an hull slot or change that ship to rank 11 and change in a premium manufacturable ship something like dart and gargoyle.


Special module

  • Standard overdrive 
  • Stingay overdrive 

Level 4 bonus

  • Rotation increased 25
  • Strafe increased 30
  • Maximum speed increased 10

Level 8 bonus

  • Time to weapon heating 20
  • Em projectile speed increased and spread reduce
  • Kinetic projectile speed increased and spread reduced

And a this point stingay at r11 and Tiger-m move to 12

Or just move it to R9. I’d like that more than these silly ideas. Plus, then it’s waaaaaaaay less work on the devs’ part.

Stingray should at 10. Tiger-M at 11. Constructible ship, but requiring the specific parts.

Otherwise my Crimson Haze speed runs will be the WORST ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)