This suggestion is more of a two part suggestion, but I think it is an interesting idea, so I thought I should share it. What if the sticker menu had two options? Standard stickers that cost credits and a create-your-own-sticker option that cost galactic standards. Allow the option to import a sticker (specified size and all that) which can then be used on  a particular player’s ship for a certain amount of galactic standards. Players using credits could choose from the standardized logos and players using galactic standards would stand out in the crowd.
Also, I think that there should be a permanent option. Increase the prices if you want, but the sticker function will be more popular if they are permanent. I generally don’t buy short term customization items in online games, but I will buy permanent ones.
Anyway, these are my thoughts, what are yours? Please let me know below or in the poll.

I believe that if the customizations were something you used credits for instead of standards, it would be a better success.