My freind would love to see the addition of a dutch flag please :smiley:

+1 Not a dutch myself but well :slight_smile:

On the topic of stickers, I’d also like to see the Rhodesian flags in there as well. The main flag and their Air Force stamp.

I wanna slot some floppies in style.

I would love some kind of themed space pirate stickers. I know there are some skulls already on there, but none of them really remind me of any kind of “space pirate” theme. Also maybe some bandage stickers, or bullet hole stickers would be pretty cool IMO. I played Earth and Beyond, and i would ALWAYS put the bandage “sticker” on my ship because it looked funny to have a people bandage on a ship hull!

I think we actually have bullet-hole stickers (I haven’t really gone through the new list throughly), but that would be funny to fly around with a bandaid on your craft.

Was thinking maybe some other symbols would be pretty cool, such as the greek alphabet.


Also maybe a sticker pack you could buy for X amount and get a bunch of stickers in it.

Hmmmm, I want Anime girls on my hull.

I’d pay 1000 gold if I could upload my own sticker design :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d pay 1000 gold if I could upload my own sticker design :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree i would love to have my corp flying anound with our insignia on them and so would my members this is something we have been discussing on our clan forum for some time

I agree with Tealc - corps should have the option of free stickers for members, with the corp logo on them. Ofc, multiple stickers would also be great :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it wouldnt take that long to manually review Corp stickers there arnt that many corps, or just do corps with over 100 members.

So its not impossible.


They could put out a template img file with the correct dimensions to be filled out and returned.

Personally I rather enjoy flying around and killing people with hearts on my ship… Its an ODD pleasure, I know.  But it makes me smile while I do it.