Stats preview of Implantat change

So now that the change of implantat costs are slightly increased , it would be nice if there would be a feature where it is possible to see how a change of those would effect the stats of your ships.

Perhaps a popup when you double click the implantat where besides the cost and cconfirmation question, a list of the ships or may be only equiped ships Show up , where it is possible ,by pushing the known button “Strg” ,to see how this change would result in the stats.

Reason for this suggestion is , before this cost change it was no problem for me to spend 5k to look how the stats change and change it back then if the result wasn’t what i suggested. Now it would be a little … Expensive to do it this way :P.

Agreed. This is a must for those hard earned credits to be wasted on something that should have been left alone in the first place