Static Barrier > "Bunker Module"

I think that we can all agree that the Engineering Frigate’s “Static Barrier” module is underused, underpowered, and generally a waste of a module slot. Well I’ve come up with an idea to fix that!

I propose the new and improved, “Bunker Module”!

Using scavenged alien technology, along with some scrapped blueprints for a Destroyer’s shield module, Planetary Dynamics has released it’s latest engineering wonder! The module itself is nothing to gawk at. It is simple, compact, lightweight, and generally pretty docile. But upon a push of a button, it unfolds in to a beautiful mobile forward-station for you and your allies! Would you like to know more?

Name: Bunker Module

Type: Engineer Active Module

Ranks: 9-15

Energy: 600-700

Cooldown: 180s

Tooltip: Deploys a massive forward base for you and your allies to take refuge inside. A large core module is deployed in the direction of the crosshairs and after traveling 800m, it stops and generates a massive 1500m diameter shield. Any allies within 750m of the core will be healed at a rate of 40p/s. The core has 10,000 durability points. Only one station can be deployed at a time.

The wide shield radius is to allow for many ships to sit inside it. The shield is a one-way shield, so you cannot shoot out from inside, but enemies cannot shoot it from outside either. To destroy the base, an infiltrator craft would have to enter the base and destroy the core. Not exactly an amazing feat, as it deals no damage on its own. A base deployed can be used by either enemies or allies, but only allies will be able to be healed by it, so be careful where you set up camp!

You can not push the core. It becomes a stationary object.

Barriers persist after death.

Why not just give them the same barrier as Destroyers have?

Because that would be awful. And I like this a lot better. It also fits better with the “engineerness”.

Why would it be awful?

Yea moar camp fests,moar frigballs,moar destroyerballs.

much skillz. 

Why would it be awful?

Because that’s not what engineers do. They don’t protect themselves, they protect others and benefit from them being protected.

Its a one side shield, thats good. However only way to take it out is by entering inside the shield, where you can be raped by AOE easily…coils and em torps would decimate ships entering the shield. Reason i suggest to make the shield vulnerable to exterior fire (like…double/triple or so toughness of a static barrier). ECM should be able as well to capture it with the hack module from the exterior. Be mindfull that this encourages teams to hide their engies inside that shield and maintain enemy ships away from afar.

Good idea. Also, a system hack would already be able to take control of it from outside. It has just enough range. And the bunker is meant to be a safe-place where you can hide from incoming (destroyer) fire while you regenerate. If it were to have even 5 times the health of the current static barrier it would still be essentially useless against them.