Static Barrier and Heavy Repair Drones (Faction specific perks)

Jericho should get 3 max Static Barriers, 2 max Heavy Repair Drones. This faction is based on shield-focused technology, after all.

Empire should get 3 max Heavy Repair Drones, 2 max Static Barriers. Their shields are laughable, it only makes sense that they have a means to effectively repair all that hull.

Federation should get drastically faster deployment and energy efficiency ( 35% faster reload, and -35% energy usage), but a maximum of 2 for each. The Federation is a balanced faction with an emphasis on speed, so faster deployments would lend itself towards quickly adapting shields to their rapid turn rates and cruise speeds.


and please make the Antares look like something besides a 10 month pregnant LRF  ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)