"Start New Career" Option

With the absence of any real prestige system in this game, I feel like it would be an interesting and fun addition to be able to start a new playthrough/character within the game.

And before people start saying “Well just make a new account.” that’s not exactly feasible in the long-run due to limitations in the launcher, and it’s also technically against the rules.


What I mean by this, is a way to start a new game essentially, but have the option to retain DLC/permanent bonuses to your account. (Optional)

Upon clicking “Start New Career” the player would be prompted to create a new pilot username. This username would appear IN ADDITION TO the primary account username on the pilot profile, so that players are prevented from pretending to be other players, or impersonating others. Players can switch seamlessly between characters in the Profile area by clicking the username of the character they want to play. Side-characters that are created may be deleted by the user at any time, clearing all progress and making that account irretrievable. An incentive could be added to the creation of these characters by costing 500GS or something, to prevent abuse. Side characters would not have access to the player market, but could still make purchases normally though mail after a certain milestone (Like Clearance level 15) is reached.



There would be two options when a player selects “Start New Career” on the pilot profile menu:


Fresh Start: 100% of progression is reset for this character, acting as if they are using a completely new account.
  • No DLC bonuses apply.

  • No DLC ships are in the hangar.

  • All ratings, materials, and balances are set to zero.

  • Simulates starting a new account.

  • Premium purchases made on the side character will automatically apply to the primary character , and would be zero if the specified resource is already purchased.


Prestige : Pilot clearance is reset, the inventory is erased, but all premium purchases and DLC items are retained.
  • Premium ships will only become available once their clearance level is reached, and can be unlocked for a credit cost equivalent to their Silver counterparts.

  • DLC bonuses apply from the start.

  • DLC ships will have two options: Forfeit, and Reclaim.

   - Forfeit : The character’s progress towards obtaining this ship is completely reset, and they must craft it again at normal cost. The character gains a permanent stacking bonus to resource and credit gain for each ship that is forfeited.

   - Reclaim : The character can purchase this ship for a cost in credits.

  • Premium purchases made on the side character will automatically apply to the primary character , and would be zero if the specified resource is already purchased.



This would be very fun, particularly for veteran players who already have it all, and would prevent false inflation of game statistics by illegal creation of new accounts.

Feel free to comment ideas and concerns below and I’ll edit the post as needed.



Another fun mode would be " Challenge" mode, where the character would not have the option to use premium or crafted ships, though I feel this would not be used as much.


I can already see “y u waste time with useless updates, game ded, kill it already” responses.

Very good idea, lots of players would benefit from being able to use and upgrade small ships.

You could make one account for Jericho, for example, another for Ellydium ships and so on.

Or, you could become a multi-“engi” pilot, upgrading only the engis in the game.