StarDust now recruiting

Hello everyone I am MudWiggle. Ceo of StarDust we currently are in the mid 50s for both PVP and PVE we are growing and soon will be able to recurit 130 more pilots. We are a federation corp and would love to have you.

good luck with the corp. looking forward to flying with and against your pilots. o7

Well looking for a corporation soo if you want me, im in! rather new player of star con, but got loads of mmo and flight experience and if you have any questions, just ask :wink:

I have been looking through the forums for a Federation corp, and I must have missed yours. I am a highly active Tier 2 Federation Pilot and I am very interested in joining your corporation! My in game name is Jon1812, please message me if I meet your corporation’s requirements!

I am a rather new t2 federation pilot, may i join? I am finemw1 in game

Im a new Federation player could i join your corporation? If i can my ign is Kapapa

im a new federation player could i join? Ign is kalosos

I think we need a picture for StarDust because it would look cooler, so i probably decided to make a picture and i think it would take a few days to finish it.

Or i can make a simple picture with text and a star like that?: post-242430-0-74928800-1373360605.jpg

If StarDust already got a picture/logo then sorry for bothering because i’ve never seen someone posting any picture of the corporation StarDust.

Are you a member or moderator of StarDust?

it looks nice

I have Tier 2 in all factions and am willing to fly any class of ship( prefer interceptors). I Like to consider myself a pretty decent pilot( no promises lol) and have been looking for a good corporation for awhile.

Hi StarDust (but especially MudWiggle)!

Ensure you sign [this](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19415-intercorporate-agreement/) agreement and put your details in [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20101-corporations-by-allegiance/). I look forward to flying with and against you guys, and make sure if you ever want to do some tourneys or practice games with us Marauders, you let myself or Tealc know. You can sign up on our website as a diplomatic liaison as well.

Good hunting!




Marshal Lupus

I’m a level 6 federation pilot. I’d be interested in joining the StarDust team if you need. My SC name is EchoHunter and my Steam name is Nocturnus

Hi im a newer player to SC but I have lot of mmo experience so if u want send me an invite XxOmegaxX and im also a federation pilot


Im rank 5 fed and would like to join. In game im Cye. Which voice program to yall use?

Hello, i would like to join, i have only just begun getting tier 2 ships and i have played a bit.

my IGN name is masterpage1, please add me

I’d like to join. Name:Lemulan