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So how about them dreadnoughts? Sure wish it was involved in gameplay.

So how about advertising? Sure wish I had shorter queues in my home server.

Just wondering how long it will take to implement this new patch?

Forward fleet sounds like an interesting way to reduce grind. Send a few T1s off to do the easy one, and T3/4/5/whatever you’re not using off on the harder one. It clearly favours those who have already invested some time in the game. I wonder where the trade off is going to come from, though? Higher prices? Hmm.


Further achievement things. Spec ops with no one dying sounds like a hell of an achievement, but it’s obviously possible. Probably easy at this point, what with that ESB run at 8ish minutes.


I hope that “incorrect map lighting during biomorph attacks” thing means that the map is no longer bright green during invasions. It makes using the spatial scanner so much harder. And everything just looks wonky. Plasma arc description is a good thing - I mean, saying 100 m and meaning 190 m no more.


Seems smallish, but that is absolutely fine by me.

Idea sounds fun

If i had know, i would not have sold my extra weapons and modules i thought i would never use; now i will have to buy some back to equip the ships i will send in missions. I have a huge fleet, that will take time…

Looking forward to Forward Fleet missions, but I have a question: Will the tier of ship affect the likelihood of success of a mission? Meaning if you send a few t2s that are all purp, do they have a lower chance of success than a group of all purp t5s? Or is the mission not dependent on tier, and only looks at synergy level and module upgrades?

Servers are back up.

From the looks of it, higher tiered ships do have a higher chance/higher reward than lower.

I can’t even see these new forward fleet missions, Why can’t I?

we cant direct control in this so called “Forward Fleet Assignments” mission?? whats the point of having this mode if none of the players can play it?? 


you might as well put a slot machines feature once a week to churn out the same rewards!!! is the same!! 

The only thing I’m disappointed about, is that we don’t know the results of the last Aerography Contest.


Other than that, the patch notes seem surprisingly… good. And now I’m crossing my fingers that there haven’t been any ninja changes to Salvage…




72dc55e6e5.png 0d4f1517ff.png

Screencaps for those who cannot see it yet.

Weird that not everyone can see them… Probably a bug…





Metal Blanks and Pure Silicon are the easiest resources to get, because everything you salvage has one of those two materials. In fact, those are the ONLY two materials you can get from Tier 1 & 2 salvage. Nobody needs those! And yet, out of the generosity of their hearts, the developers have given us the chance to earn… more of the worthless stuff???


The only things that are actually helpful are the Alien Monocrystal and the Graphite Plate, of which you might get one if the mission succeeds since those are listed as possible rewards? Give me a break!


I seriously hope that is the reward for the shortest mission… because even if all that “loot” was guaranteed, it still isn’t worth it.

Yup. That is for the 2-day, not-guaranteed, mission.

Honestly other than the chance at a mono, these are p worthless. Better than nothing, but it’s like getting a drip feed when you already have a whole fountain tap to yourself.

Hell I’m swimming in materials, I don’t need more other than monos.


And that six-day mission reward of 81,321 credits and no resources? Pfffft. Give me an hour in Invasion and I can have 1 Million, and I’ll still be able to launch into battle with all my ships.


I might be able to understand if this is supposed to be a feature that helps us progress when we log-off so we get something nice when we come back. But SIX DAYS?


EDIT: This is the kind of “rewards” that are more akin to a slap in the face. You (developers) clearly know which resources are scarce and which are plentiful, and yet you refuse to actually give us something truly worthwhile because it might encroach on your profit margins if the game were slightly less grindy. Frankly, it’s insulting.


You should have saved your workforce payroll to get Dreadnoughts completed, and not even bothered with this waste of a feature.

the option doesn’t even show up for me. (unless it replaces ur invasion daily missions)

the option doesn’t even show up for me. (unless it replaces ur invasion daily missions)

I did all of my invasions, it did not help. I have no access to new missions as well

First view ; we will send unused ships to nonplayeble missions for crappy reward with very very high finishing times , so that is useless  thats true we can complain about that now.


Second view ; wait a sec , I dont use that ships anyway so what is the harm here?


  Guys… I’ve 158 ships on my hangar and I’m using 8 of them tops mostly… I can send 150 ships to 50 different missions np. I’m playing this game like 6 month now and I’ve maxed most of the ships and they r full purple , I’ve tons of credits. At this point synergy rewards / credits / materials (except monos) worthless , end game in 6 month… What is left for me now? whats comes next new , new craftable ships , dreadnoughts , harder missions , better invasion modes (I undock only for mono missions other than that invasion useless for me) and fun on PvP. So I will wait for real new thigs , you can add 100 more employed missions I dont see any harm here.