Star Conflict Starter Bundles

The idea originated from the old bundles that were sold a few years ago as tier 3, 4 and 5 sets of premium ships. Starter kits would involve the 3 factions separately, Empire, Federation and Jericho and their first sets of premium and standard ships. Players would be more focused on enjoying and learning the game in their beginner phase rather than being worried about resources and the leveling up process of everything but just enough to get them interested in the game. The aim of the packs would be to ease the get-to-know part of the game for a small price.


Empire starter pack example

[Hercules][Harpy][Dvergr 2][Hercules Rage] + [Siegfried][King Dvergr]

  • Mk4 modules

  • Bonus (permanent 10% credit gain + premium license/GS)


Federation starter pack example

[Lynx][Swift][Lynx-M][Raptor] + [Raptor-M-2][Tiger-M15A3]

  • Mk4 modules

  • Bonus (permanent 10% credit gain + premium license/GS)


Jericho starter pack example

[Axe][Zealot][Dagger][Axe-X] + [Palom][Black Hort]

  • Mk4 modules

  • Bonus (permanent 10% credit gain + premium license/GS)


Other variations of the starter bundle idea:

  • Rank 6 premium ship set on the faction of your choosing + premium license

  • First 5 ranks of standard ships on the faction of your choosing with mods


What would also be great is if the referral codes were reintroduced back to the game so people that sent out game invites get some GS when their friends buy a starter kit or any other bundle in the store. One more addition to the idea would be adding just enough GS in that bundle so the player can purchase for example a rank 6 premium ship of their own choosing later on.


It’s worth pointing out that when helping new players out, one can clearly see that due to the lack of mods and variety on rank 1 ships, the actual gameplay starts at least at rank 3 where different roles begin to appear and people start to learn the basics and enjoy their time.


It also seems to be the tipping point, to me at least, where people decide to either stay and play or leave the game. The credit upgrade prices are too steep after rank 9 for everyone including myself sometimes so maybe lowering them a bit would be nice, mostly for the sake of newer players wishing to explore the game more.


If you have a different point of view on the starter packs please do share them in the comments.

Excellent idea!

Maybe some parts for Ellydium ships would do nice in that package too, like a cabin hull or cabin interior or something similar.

The upgrade prices could be countered with, maybe, a discount for a top ship, like Mammoth or Rockwell. They bring credits fast everywhere - OS, Pve, Pvp.

This discount could maybe come in the form of some special missions, with an average level of difficulty, not very easy. So for example, if a ship costs 12.000 gs, the player could get 6k in the welcome package, and for the other 6k he would have to pay (earn that gs) or do some dedicated missions for beginners. These missions can vary a lot in order to help him.