Star Conflict - report suspicious videos on YouTube - hack/malware/spyware/spam/false or deceptive advertisement links, etc.

I have created this thread for a simple reason.




We need to limit the deceptive content/spam we get on YouTube for Star Conflict.

However, YouTube is not the only source of this, but at least we should put suspicious, deceptive or illegal links here, so that developers or the persons responsible can take them down with out help much faster.


What is this about?


I am talking about promotional piracy for Star Conflict (Free DLC packs, or the games Gaijin’s launcher via suspicious, 3rd party download links, which most likely contain malware of some sort, if not worse.

The sole reason for this is to bash game popularity or just to hijack computers, from those people who are “clever” enough to download from such sources.

Point is, that person/s doing that, have malicious intent about the game itself, or they are just preying on the stupid ones.


Why is this serious?


The amount of spam for Star Conflict is tremendeous, so to speak. It gets created on daily basis, sometimes each hour, and from more than 1 author.

Videos are sloppy and repetitive (same content) and they always encourage people to download via 3rd party links.

Sometimes they promises hacks, such as aimbots, free credits, free GS and even free download for F2P game, etc.

A lot of videos for Star Conflict contain word phrases like free download, hack, aimbot, launcher, installer, etc.



Star Conflict is F2P game. Download only from trusted and verified official sites, like the one here, or via Steam directly.



How do we recognize them?


Videos on YouTube are poorly made and often there are only the same low resolution with old version and obsolete screenshots, with occasional low quality and short duration videos, with very little effort put into them.

Author/s of those videos have newly created - fresh accounts and most of them, with no subscriptions, which may only offer Star Conflict download links, or other games as well.

Sometimes the same content is shared via different, multiple accounts in a short time span or channels.


What is the purpose of this thread?


To report any suspicious or recognized videos, which fits my description. Very easy to spot and identify those.


You need to put links into a spoiler tag, to hid download links.





link to a video



Remove the . and replace it with a ] at the end.


This will be enough to hid direct links here.

I am sure that some moderators or someone higher, will take care of those videos on YouTube.


My aim is to improve reaction time and effectiveness, to remove such spam from YouTube, when it comes to Star Conflict alone.



Oh yeah, these are like those PP? people pathetically trying to make a money out of fake “hacks”.

If you want to report something, please do it via PM to me or another Admin/GM. Linking such stuff in one thread might cause even more damage. Players might look into this thread, try to use them and end up with their PC getting infected with viruses or their account getting hacked.