Star Conflict on Steam

What do you guys think about this idea? There is already a Steam group for Star Conflict, and i think also the plan bring Star Conflict to Steam.

It would also solve the Problem with the creeping slow download of the client if steam updates the game.

I would love it on steam as that allows for easy download and management with other games account setup would already be taken care of and you wouldn’t have to deal with telling your friends about it and adding them since they are already on steam

I have to agree on the problem of *extremely* slow client updates, and Steam could very well solve that issue. It would also be a great way of getting more people in the game, and a great business strategy for Gaijin.

I agree mostly not for the fact it would allow faster updates but for the large number of players it could pull in all at once.

A massive wave of players jumping in would be a big boost would allow the MM to work better and would make game chat better for none russian players as there would be people to talk with.

The client updates could be reworked later on as its quite easy the problem is pulling in players once you have them its easy to just keep working on the game and let the players them self pull more players in.