Star Conflict Kill Board for open space.

Have a quick suggestion.  For either Technical Community or Star Conflict Devs:


Having a postable Kill board for Open Space would be pretty sweet if not absolutely amazing.  Everyone who plays pvp in other games knows how amazing it is to post a kill of a Vet who is impossible to kill or a kill which shows a battle of attrition.  Also makes people more active in open space as having the best killboard is something all pvpers strive for.


To create this I would suggest:


  1. Using a back end parsing tool which users post their combat logs from open space.  

    i) The Parsing tool would then look for variables such as:

      a) killer AdamWest|0000000271 = Final Shot 

      b) Killed rikinet71 = Victim

      c) Participant DbIM  totalDamage          619.45   = Attackers + Damage Dealt

          Participant  AdamWest totalDamage 9994.61

          Participant   RobRoyDevereux           <buff>

      d) Weapon_Railgun_Sniper_T3_Epic = Weapon used.

      e) Ship_Race1_L_T3_Faction1 = unknown (this I assume could be found out somewhere.)

          Ship_Race3_M_T3_Steam = Bear

          Ship_Race2_M_T3_Faction2 = unkown

     f) Killed rikinet71 Ship_Race1_S_T3_Faction1 = Ship Destroyed


ii) The parsing tool would then take those variables and post to the frontend web page and then hopefully pull using some type of API that Star Conflict provides a picture of the ships used.  Also the possibility on the website to post a picture of the pilot. (which could be pretty cool)


  1. in the future hopefully it could be possible that the parser would simply talk to star conflict using some type of backend API so users didn t have to post anything about their kill.  They can just go and find their kill.


  1. Lastly, the parsing tool could correlate the times in which people die and the sector it happened in to give an overall battle that happened between multiple corps.  Example is WPK vs OWL 10 v 10 who won that battle ? how many ships were lost on either side ?


  1. Ok one more, Put values to the ships that were lost to give an overall cost to the losses in open space along with if the person you killed had a blueprint.  (ouch that would suck.)  All of the ships have a price so you could easily assign that to their death. Just by ship type.


Is this possible and how much effort would be involved for such an awesome website.