Star Conflict advertisement campaign

Dear readers/players of Star Conflict,



Today I have noticed a new advertisement on Steam main store page. Sadly, the advertisement was not meant for Star Conflict, but only for War Thunder.

I do not wish to provoke or offend anyone, but I wish that you write your comments down below constructively, assertively and in polite and respectable manner.

I wish to be direct here. All opinions stated here are my own. You can discuss this topic, but please stick to the subject at hand.


Okay, here we go. I really like Star Conflict. However, I think that the time for more active advertisement should already be ongoing, since the game needs more players.

More players need to get familiar and acquainted with the game. The game is stable. Most bugs have been fixed. Only issues plaguing this game now are the servers and some compability issues with Linux OS.

I could write more, but I won’t. I just wish that instead of War Thunder on Steam’s main store advertisement, I will see Star Conflict soon, so that the game becomes more popular, since it’s the only one suffering from player retention and lack of new players. War Thunder has enough population. At peak times, they have more than 50000 players. Star Conflict, not so much. Maybe we got 5000 players at peak times, but since they have removed tier distribution queue and total population count, we are left only with a few guesses. I do not wish to continue. This game deserves more attention than it gets. But in the end, we are not the ones deciding the future of this game. Developers decide, what to do next. I hope that they will realize this and that they will not forget it. I wrote this, just to remind them.

Don’t get offended. I wrote, what I wanted, with only good intentions in mind.


War Thunder screenshot from Steam’s Store client/webpage:




When we will see a reverse trend, when we will have Star Conflict on the main Steam’s store page?




Sincerely,  Koromac

thx for the post. kind of needed. we have 150 pilots and the majority does think similar in this issue. advertisements are indeed needed.

Thank you for this post, which I hope for it will advance the things very quickly, we can only agree all. We like to play Conflict Star and regret this irrefutable fact.


Cordially corporation CBR

Interesting Warthunder ad, they said they won’t add the Maus :slight_smile:


Now about Star Conflict. this game is great, and with some effort I’m sure they can make it awesome.

The devs and the publisher needs make a move now, before Star Citizen comes out to squash everybody else.

I’ve heard some players saying that they only play Star Conflict until Star Citizen comes out. that should raise some alarm.


Personally, I’d like to see the devs remove fuel from the game. Don’t tell me that these ships that fire beam and other energy weapons burn fuel that’s nonsense. Unless by fuel they mean energy.

In X2 you were encouraged to fly in space and explore every corner of space. Traveling through gates was free. However if you had a jump-drive and energy in your cargo hold then for 10 energy you could jump from the map you are in to the next map and if you wanted to jump further you used more energy. For example with one jump you could go from New Eden to Guardian 17 in one jump, I understand that then you couldn’t charge 100 gs for that jump that easily, but you could charge some gs for the jump-drive, like they do now for the spatial scanner.

As stated a few times, this is known and something is in work, but currently I cannot tell you what it is.

As stated a few times, this is known and something is in work, but currently I cannot tell you what it is.

No problem. We can and we will still discuss this issue, or commented on each other’s comments.

Afternoon everybody, 


As stated by Error we do work on andvertisment, it is one of the priority tasks for now. We do appreciate your concerns - please be patient.

As patient as my wallet…

Who is SC? What it that? SC somekind of new food? Is it any good?

Im hungry…


Really how about we switch from “why do i have to draw those ugly dread” contest to best sc movie contest… make corps make presentation movies… or…just movies… with story or not. If you lack imagination, im sure players have that. Use that asset.

There are some pretty good artist among players… you sure you dont wanna use that asset? :slight_smile:


I just think owl would won with their movie…





Gaijin and their CEO at the top is the most problematic issue in my own opinion.

Publisher here dictates the rules and extrapolates certain economic development courses, which aims towards maximising the profit with minimal use of resources.

Developers, no matter how involved, are obligated to follow them. It’s just simple logic.

Greed shouldn’t be presented here, but we all know that it is. That’s why we are in this current situation.

I hope that this will change for the better soon, but I really doubt that it will.

We need to change how the game’s economy works. We need to revise it, at least slightly. Grind needs to be reduced! We need to keep up!

A lot of suggestions are written on the Forum. Even, if they get read, they are not getting acknowledged. Maybe they will be, but at later time. I do not blame the developers for this, at least in some cases.

Retention rate from players is really troubling. Dreadnought content did not increase the playerbase. A lot of people I know stops playing this game after 1 or 2 months.

T3 PVP matches and even T5 PVE matches, even on weekends are not instant. T3 only has 5-8 players on average, but not 12, like it used to.

Investments in this game are more and more questionable. Which begs another question. Should Gaijin just sell the rights for this game altogether?

There is a lot of grey here. We would like more open communication with the developers and the publisher as well. Are our fears justified? I think so!


This thread should remain open.

I know a bit about advertising because I am studying business and therefore I agree Star Conflict needs more advertisement. I also know that the devs are doing their best, but I wanted to contribute something.


Here’s why I think the advertisement needs to become a priority. (Again, I know advertising is not cheap.) I found this game by a lucky mistake looking for games like Star Citizen to tide me over so I could get my space fix. Now I am a loyal player because I have made many friends here, so I won’t drop this game in its entirety until the devs do or I can no longer run it due to new Operating systems outclassing it. New OS releases are why I no longer play Freelancer. It doesn’t like WIndows 8.1, and I feel like this fits the space combat slot well. Another thing that might be important to know is the upcoming MMORPG monster Star Citizen, which I also want to play. However, it definitely won’t make me totally drop this game, especially since Star Citizen has insanely high system requirements.


I just wanted to put Star Citizen out there as a warning for the devs to try to pull in other players so they can survive. While still technically very different games, Star Citizen, with the current state of Star-Conflict advertisement, is likely to devour this game. I would definitely call this game a fantastic, heh, Star Gem among the games out there, and I don’t want to see this game overtaken by the Star Citizen. There’s a mostly nice playerbase that’s lots of fun to play with. I try to tell people about this game because it is easy to overlook in the USA. However, word of mouth is only going to do so much. So, I wanted to share that with the devs and community because, like it or not, that is a serious competition issue. IF Star Conflict cannot find a way to reasonably compete with Star Citizen and any other MMO Space games out there, then it’s pretty much guaranteed to melt down and fade from memory. That is bad for the company, as well as the community. I don’t think there would be anyway for the Star Conflict community to sustain this game if the devs have to drop it because of the competition in order to survive as a company.


Thanks for reading this, and I will see you all among the Stars.



EDIT: Also, another thing (and this is hard/a big deal) Star Conflict and Star Citizen’s titles are pretty similar. When I say SC, out of habit (because I joined Star Citizen’s community first) I immediately think Star Citizen. My wife also has a hard time figuring out which one I am referring to, and she has heard/seen me playing Star Conflict. Inorder for the game to continue to survive, a possible, and very necessary, thing to do may be to change the name of the game. I know that is a lot, what with having the Forums, website, and game with the same name. A name that could set it apart from the word “Star” followed by a C-word that can (and probably does) cause confusion between the two games might have to be made. Star Citizen is going to be released within the next two or three years, but they have a massive global community and $85million worth of funding, and are making some serious progress. If Star-Conflict is to survive, having a different title could be a life-saver. I may, once I think of a few titles, create a post with possible ideas for the game.

I don’t think Star Citizen is the major competitor. I can’t play that game for two reasons: specs and money. It is not free to play, so I think Star Conflict will still have a place alongside Star Citizen, until some other free to play space game comes out.  This does not remove the fact that I think the game needs more advetising, on the scale of Warthunder which I frequently see being advertised.  I even saw an avert for WT on the television here in Germany!  I’m not asking for that much for Star Conflict, but at least a “featured on Steam” weekend or day would be very nice.

The thing is, though, Star Citizen, upon release (I asked a Mod/Admin about this over there) the game WILL be free to play. Right now, the packages and stuff you buy for Star Citizen go into the development funding for the game.

The thing is, though, Star Citizen, upon release (I asked a Mod/Admin about this over there) the game WILL be free to play. Right now, the packages and stuff you buy for Star Citizen go into the development funding for the game.

Are you sure about this? I find it hard to believe that a game in which so much money has been put will just be given out for free afterwards! I imagine it will be free for those that participated in alpha or beta testing and the rest will have to pay.

I can try to find proof, but I’m pretty sure that was said.


EDIT: OKay, so not entirely free to play, but when it is released they are following the Guild Wars Model. Buy a copy of the game, and the rest is free. While costly at the start, that could still be a massive development. One payment of $60 or whatever the game is priced at and you get a colossal space game that you are forever free to play online. So, no, not Free to Play, but definitely going to bring space fans from all over to the game. So that still sounds like a possible serious competitor to me. YOu could be right, and this game could survive, but it would be very hard. Which, honestly, is why I think, as mentioned in my Edit on the other post, might need to change the title of this game to keep the community receiving a fresh flow of new players.


Here is the link:

The upcoming games like Star Citizen is one reason I wish the devs hadn’t gone for MMO lite as their focus. Open Space is the weakest aspect of the game, and its focus in what little advertising the game gets is only going to hurt the game.

The strongest part of the game is, and has always been, PVP. I will never understand why then there is so much focus on a game mode that is so different to how PVP works it may as well be a separate title.

At this one point i agree totally, there should be set more focus on PvP than on Invasion since PvP is the best gamemode the game has. I also agree that dreadnought fights are new and they have lots of potencial and they are real fun, so if you work on them i’m fine, but Invasion is really the grind area, make it totally exciting is almost impossible. PvP is.

This game also needs Monocrystals in PVP mode only, or maybe for PVE as well from the looting spots.

Imagine the potential, because more PVP means also more Monocrystals. All you need to do, is win.

or maybe for PVE as well from the looting spots.

There is, you can loot one monocrystal with a chance of like 5% in the purple spot.

There is, you can loot one monocrystal with a chance of like 5% in the purple spot.

From Special Ops maybe, but I never got any Monocrystal from PVE.

I know this.


Anyway, we should stick to the subject of this thread.

sadly not in pvp :frowning: