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_ New container: _
Rose preset is nice and looks fantastic in maps with cool lighting colours (as in literal, like whites and blues)
Romantic Font is the same deal as Death mask - the primary colours of the preset clash too much and make any details difficult to make out, I can imagine I’ll see a few bright pink frigates in the coming weeks

Seed chip changes:
Can we get an F in chat for people with laser DPS setups
All other weapon types seem to be fine
Resistance bonuses seem to have been buffed, will need some time to see if they will ever be worth something as finding completely defensive or offensive chips is difficult
Can we get an F in chat for Cruiser instakills

Dynamic Difficulty:
It launched on New Eden day and it does not help even in the slightest with New Eden random queues
Not much else to say yet but if it means fully chipped wings will get more loot in exchange for more difficult encounters then it should be okay

Text Fixes:
Spready still exists in seed chip stats
Yellow and Red seed chips for above or under x% resistance bonuses still have the double ‘c’ perccent typo making the stats unviewable 

Thermal projectile yellow/red seed chip still has $damage_kinetic$ in the place of the maximum damage value.


When’s the Destroyer buff comin.

7 hours ago, TheDerpNukem said:

Spready still exists in seed chip stats


Come on, Spready is one of the best words on seed chips, along with Pumpy

15 hours ago, PrivateBrowsing said:


Knees weak, arms are heavy :Đ

Dynamic special operations isnt really great, its too hard, too long, 25 minutes / spec ops… want to talk about translucent neuronet farm? you need nearly 600 to farm the zeta special things, you do 3 spec ops to get 1 translucent neuronet, so you need to do 1800 spec ops to get the 600. If we count 30min / spec ops, (because you will loose many of them) you will play 900 hours to have this 600 translucent neuronet. NICE! (900 hours gaming is like you play 2H/days during 1,5 year.) Wanna talk about level up and power gain now? Why farm hard you super rank17 to get more powerfull (and maybe farm good seed chip) if you will struggle exactly same on the defiler as a little rank10 without seed chip, not full synergy, etc… useless to grow in you rank and power then… btw the stat " increase damage to aliens by ?%" is now useless, and even more, the WHOLE seed chips is useless in spec ops. Anyway what you do and what is your power, in spec ops you will lose 25 minutes  to shoot like an idiot waiting turret on a big alien. 1000 times better how it was before: good guys that had farm hardly can kill the defiler fast, thats all.

+1 for the idea of having dynamic special operations!

It’s worth trying to run it without any chips at all (to see how the dynamics change) and then with whatever chips you have. Excellent idea!

Maybe some open space pirates with dynamic attack/def power ha ha ?




What the fresh hell… can someone translate that



Was there an unannounced change to Destroyer camera ?




1 hour ago, TheDerpNukem said:

What the fresh hell… can someone translate that

I enjoyed that lol.

1 hour ago, _minimum_ said:

wow derp this is a nice suggestion for improving the game , with 5 guyz like you i can rebuild the world .
there is no stupid questions , just people.
now try this , it might help you , there is a voice that can read for you , in case it is a pain for you to focus more than 12sec on something , it really must be painful but i don’t suffer for you sorry.

That site isn’t able to translate your text into English.


Dynamic spec ops are too aggressively set, it has become significantly harder to complete it and compared to the rewards (still the same) there should be a change in either reward or difficulty.


Also please stop throwing mud at each other in this thread, we aren’t cavemen anymore. I am confident that the MoDeRaToRs will do something about it if this doesn’t stop.

There was nothing ever here…

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Why are you on the attack all the time? You come across as quite an angry person. If you want people to listen to you, maybe take a different approach ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

When can I delete my own posts orcapls

This really be a bruh moment.

What, you thought something was here?

Watchu lookin at

Image removed. Makes no sense now that the thread has been cleaned up.


Wait no clean me up too… er the posts not… you get the point


Okay fine I’ll clean me up

Man, 1.6.8 discussion is looking up, I feel bad for whoever had to deal with that.

Well, for an uneventful update we had an eventful “discussion” I guess