Star Conflict 1.5.0 Journey (Discussion)

We congratulate all pilots on the approaching New Year 2018 and present a big winter update in Star Conflict — Journey!


Please fix the [Isotope Harvester 17] bug … thx for fixing the [Spatial stabilizer] so fast ( NOT ) it was really helping with the [Isotope Harvester 17] bug … also I count 31 GS modules  not 50 … will they come before the deadline ? January 9th ??? If I’m missing something please give a list of what counts for the 50 new modules for 1000 GS

Overall a great patch, this brings some life back into the command role! I really enjoy the Light Mortar, if it only was available for the Saw One ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)



I also think that the Thermal Energy Burner deals a tad too much damage…


Will the Secret Project Ships get their own unique modules, too?

51 minutes ago, Scar6 said:

I also think that the Thermal Energy Burner deals a tad too much damage…

IMO also to much range and energy burn, I hope it gets nerfed soon.

#Q: What stands ‘Journey’ for? (Does not come over clear through the blog; maybe an attack to alien sector will come in the future?)





Beam Cannon
Damage increased by 9%


[Beam Cannon 17]

DPS Thermal         6573-6573

Damage Thermal    4917-4917


what does this mean ??? I have tried all the ammo to make the first number different than the second  … Explain please

4 minutes ago, Original_Taz said:

Beam Cannon
Damage increased by 9%


[Beam Cannon 17]

DPS Thermal         6573-6573

Damage Thermal    4917-4917


what does this mean ??? I have tried all the ammo to make the first number different than the second  … Explain please

Yes, saw it, too and wondered…


WL13Emitter 17      DPS (thermal)   2221-2221 dmg/s

WL13-El Emitter 9  DPS (thermal)   2112-2112 dmg/s


#Q: What about all the old weapons that have one class lower damage e.g.  Coil Mortar 9 DPS (kinetic)  1498 dmg/s


Those values are there by mistake I think, they added it because of Thermal Energy Burner having the DPS change as you fire, if anything the Heavy Blaster could use that.

And the thing about lasers is that the DPS is the damage you deal when constantly hitting the enemy for a second, and since we all know that aiming with lasers isn’t easy it has to be compensated by high damage in order for them to be usable by the slightly-above average player.

As for the patch, really nice changes, the commands are finally fun to play.

9 Days and we can play the Mars Attacks movie… yeeppee

I don’t really have much to say really about this update…

I guess general thoughts?

-Most of the command stuff is reasonably balanced (except the empire one weapon - seems to do a tad bit too much damage)
-Weapons are fun to use but the Jerry one hurts my ears a bit.

-Passive modifier slot increase on lower ranks was nice, so now my Archon and Invincible have 9 slots too.

-Leviathon has become a testament to how weak destroyers are now and how much you guys need to remove the perma pulsar off of aliens

-The outlines of some of the rank 16 and rank 17s are almost identical to existing ships, is there a reason why?

-Granite and Wolfhound look nice

-Electrum needed for Granite and Wolfhound gives me Tyrant farm flashbacks now

-UFO is gonna be fun by the looks of it


General questions

#1: What will make rank 16 and rank 17 ships unique?

#2: Will rank 16 and rank 17 come with new implants?
#3: Does this mean rank 17 destroyers are possible now  ![:dntknw:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/dntknw.gif “:dntknw:”)


Ooother than that, most of the absolutely shattered faith in you guys as a dev team has been kinda restored in this update. Keep up the good work I guess?



It is nice to see "new’ ships in build tree and new awesome aerography( nice nice nice),

but as once before with ellydium ships you did same with command ships and new weapon that is so OP that we do not need any other ship then command now.

Energy emitter generates ~50 energy and new weapon is burning >300 energy per hit?

Also 10km/s  projectile speed?

And 5.6km range?

Possible damage 5000dps?

And that is without all moduls that command ship can use?!?!


I really like this game, but every new thing that is implemented in game is soooo OP.


Perhaps I’m wrong but it look to me that  real name of main tester is Stevie Wonder.




ps; what happened to support ship?

Engineers and commands are those ships still support ships? 

Recons that can do more damage per sec then gunship?

When is this gone wrong?

When you hired Stivie Wonder for main tester perhaps?



as expectable we have a lot of commands flying around, but to be honest, it was way worse with thargas, and even the tacklers and taikins.



while i confirm that the thermal weapon is potent, i would still not say, its as op, as some existing mechanics (taikin overmobility, and the unbalance of fighter weapons is still more a concern imho), but i understand the outcry in chats, and thankfully, it is only really overpotent on a few ships that have their own set of drawbacks - while it seems quite meh on the aura tbh.

the energy burning effect is maybe a tidbit over the top, however, tbh. it might not be all too important, as the weapon is not really a crit weapon. its just a bonus, that this weapon with its current damage would probably not need at all.

dont misunderstand me, its definitely something that needs to get nerfed at some point.


the kinetic gun from the lance-s is quite useless on the other hand, i mean like, really totally unviable. i get it, the thermal one annoys more people so we have to be vocal about it, but lets be honest, that kinetic gun is so useless, it hurts, but unfortunately, not your target. its crit effect reducing a bit of damage sounds okay-ish, but in the end, it wont really do anything really, it has no fire rate, no damage, no range, and overheats fairly quickly


the lite coil from sword-s has an interesting side effect, which i could not directly witness yet, even if crit builds on this one are totally possible, and is overall okay-ish, but to be honest, it does not fit to the sword-s. which also explains, why it is mostly used on excalibur anyway.



passive modules

some passive modules are really nice. none of them blow me away. maybe thats also positive. they offer alternatives, and i felt like except a few (i will name them once i have them all through) none of them feel useless or op.


active modules

the direct damage modules seem all quite useless tbh., but i am also kinda happy about that - but i havent tested all of them yet, nor really built around them, nor bought them all yet.

the new command module which increases allied projectile speed seems a good addition, i really found that to be useful.



rank 16&17

meh. the game already struggles with ranks. its a failing concept, and keeping hold on it just shows your lack of vision and understanding.

i get it, wargaming introduced the ranking idea with world of tanks. but it just doesnt work since then on any other game. even war thunder introduced a second value for the match maker, and still it is tolerated, not embraced by most players, and it mainly works only because of the historical evolution.

it has been said by many already, independently, especially also players who are interested in game design, that the whole concept would work much better, if you would balance everything for an endgame, maybe max 3 queues, even if you keep a tree like unlocking mechanic for the f2p aspect.

there is a reason, no game actually keeps more than 3 tiers of unit strengths around. there is a reason, why t4 never really worked. there is a reason, why many people kept disputing about tiers. and there is a reason, why in the end, SC never really seems to get into adulthood, when it comes to teamplay and competitive level, with streamers, and fanbase, and whatnot. finally there is also a reason, why ships do not really get an identity, a purpose, or a usecase, and why the elly ships seem to have that. and all these things do have ranks being garbage as the main reason.


your best thing in this regard was the (now hidden) underrank bonuses, which magicly made complaint about rank differences disappear, even if most people are not even aware of the mechanic. you cheat yourself. how about, waking up and finally realizing, you are feeding a dead horse with your carrot obsession.


and just maybe, i do know, exactly, what i am talking about. or anyone else, who has tried to convey this. you should take this seriously. its the absolutely missing link. its the major unspoken problem that keeps this game unnoticed. seriously.


on the flipside, the design of those ships looks awesome. just saying. you could do so much more with this.


56 minutes ago, TheDerpNukem said:

-Passive modifier slot increase on lower ranks was nice, so now my Archon and Invincible have 9 slots too.


Saddly it costs 27,000,000 to get those extra slots …the other ships got them for free  …


How about it Cinnamonfake ??? Give a Mercenary a break ? a free box with 27,000,000 in it  or  a free refit for all destroyers  once ?


I picked the right time to come back in the game.

And they reverted so many things to when it was good. Prems ship parts back in loot, daily fifth day prem, Elly are much much more easier to get and lvl up. I forget tons of things, i’m too excited that they reverted their screw ups. Everyone should come back give it a try again.

Does Koromac now make the items descriptions? they changed?They are clearer, simpler.

I like the new (maybe old now) storage setup. everything together. Finally.

R14 destroyers already have 9 slots, its actually only 18Mil for all of them, but if you have all R11 and R8 destroyers then that amount of credits should be no problem.


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All I can see, that for one, he is right. More content is not better, especially when the stuff gets locked after the holidays anyways.

It would be naive to think otherwise. After this is over, we will be back to 2v2 in T5 on saturday evening and because of your support they can actually pull this off, to survive until the next “great patch”.

So xxxx you fanbois.

My thoughts are that Star Conflict still tries to go on problems from the past and solve them by all the means we see since last year (like it or not).

More content means new ways must be walked on by all players, even the pros/vets, in terms of future balance, ship roles, progression, farming.

Given the limited development man hours they have on a daily base - they do rather good! Maybe some design decisions were questionable but they reasonably changed path.


What I mean to say is that they try to solve problems of the game mechanics from the past that were functioning like exponential feeding/gaining cycles: kill squads, easy license-free progression farm, easy grind the better pilot/corp, kill corps, newbee-farming, rather big non-paying fan/veteran base.

So they disrupted: team/kill squads, made progression slower, intersified grind, more incentives to pay for quick progression, quicker succession of changing incentives to get stuff rather easy but for a limited time, they tried incentives to separate pros from relaxed/casual player base and on.

I might be not right in all respects mentioned above but Imho feel that is the grand direction.



Free UFO, new ships, more stuff to come, can’t see anything wrong with it other than the possibility of new metas and command spams being an annoyance. Well, better than tharga last year lol

Just now, ORCA1911 said:

… new metas and command spams being an annoyance…

new metas is good, because its a challenge for all

command spams is a timely problem, because they begin with commands, so in near future the new command metas to come will be accompanied and countered by new interceptor and frigate metas to come a bit later ![:007_2:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007_2.png “:007_2:”)

With all the free and easy to get stuff one can not complain. It feels like the start of a New SC inside the old SC ![:dntknw:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/dntknw.gif “:dntknw:”)


First game of Defcon with the Light Mortar LRF- uh, I mean Command.


37 minutes ago, xXThunderFlameXx said:

R14 destroyers already have 9 slots, its actually only 18Mil for all of them, but if you have all R11 and R8 destroyers then that amount of credits should be no problem.


rank 8) 3,000,000 x3 = 9,000,000 and rank 11) 6,000,000 x3 = 18,000,000 and 9,000,000 + 18,000,000 = 27,000,000 for 6 destroyers total