Star Conflict 1.4.9: Engineer Evolved. The final stage (Discussion)

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Gotta say, a nice patch, i like the new bundle, stack up dem resources ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

The elly node tree nerf is a bit harsh but now they have downsides for once like normal ships should. Not every Joe can be a Pro now.

I can’t accept the new bundle, it’s too easy, there is any farm now… just farm for credit :/. (I prefer better random of ressources in open space).



Missile slot ammunition
      Active time increased to 40 seconds
      Recharge increased to 15 seconds for Federation and Imperial destroyers
      Recharge increased to 8 seconds for Jericho destroyers


In destroyers the slot ammunition is for the emergency, it’s very difficult now because in an emergency, we haven’t more energy for a useless shield ^^. For me it’s ok, I can run with federation destroyers, but Jericho and the empire they are just a target for the enemy… for the moment the destroyer “tanking” is not competitive in the PVP… I can do pvp with a good efficacy just with the federations destroyers because he has more mobility.For destroyers who haven’t mobility (so empire and Jericho) they have no chance to escape the battle…

I’m not sure about this patch, for one thing they lowered the max mutagen points for the Elly ships, I was one node away from the perfect Tai’Kin build, and now everything is chaos, but on the other hand they heavily lowered the requirements for the Thar’Ga special modules, I can now craft 2 of them, which is half, too bad they didn’t do the same for Waz’Got, you know, since we need them in order to evolve the ship and all. Next thing would probably be an easy way to get node resources, which justifies all the nerfs.

the cpu mod for engies is a disaster, make it available to all ellydium ships and give engineers something else

perhaps the emergency repair station could become an active module for engineers

or how about my “echo” device?


The main thing that I don’t like about this patch is the missile slot ammo changes for destroyers and the change to the static shield. You guys literally main them just about useless,  my Tyrant can no longer tank at all. Change the destroyer missile slot stuff back to how it was, or buff the static sheild.

2 hours ago, beckert2 said:

I can’t accept the new bundle, it’s too easy, there is any farm now… just farm for credit :/. (I prefer better random of ressources in open space).


half a million credits is more than fair imho; long term, credits only increase slowly if you do not have a premium license. also credits you can get by playing any gamemode you want - which is good, since most hardcore players actually just want to play without thinking, and it would be nice if they do not all leave for good.


as the game also wants to be a pvp game, actually having lots of farmable things reduces the perceived quality, because that is actually usually either connected to cheap grind mmos, or coop pve games. the game does not benefit from farmers directly, it only tries to keep those players interested. there is no need to make it harder for people to achieve unlocking playable content anyway, as the true quality is whether people actually learn to use those things in game.


i do not say no to mechanics, which encourage others to farm, so they stay interested in the game by having some goals. but a good game does not need that. people play lots of games without any farming, and it works, if the game is good.


anyway, there is no reason to be either or… resources in open space are basicly free stuff you can get, and of course, it should also be lucrative, but not everybody wants to go there, and nothing should be exclusive to it (and partly blueprints still are anyway)



i was a bit disappointed by the tharga point change, as i just unlocked two expensive nodes to fill up my points to full the day before. bad luck i guess. i am also curious, if one can even make use of all the nodes, or has a lot of choice in that system anyway. however, i will survive, and my tharga still works fine as the most unthargaic tharga.

lowering the node unlock costs in the future is something worth interest, as it is way more fun if you can tinker the tharga instead of keeping the resources for the other elly ships.


r11 still cant mix with r15 in my deck, so i guess my interest keeps staying low.


its still a shame no real culture developed around the game in terms of serious healthy competition, instead of our rockstar culture, where actual skill is intimidation or toxic arrogance, and getting games as squads is basicly luxury; in the meantime i play games the same age as this where i see groups of up to 12 people in pvp queues regularly, and they are not frightening elitists only. of course there is also complaining, but far less, since it is working as intended. go endgame, face teamplay. and that game has even a worse ui and far less gameplay options.

people actually learn teamplay by that, who would have thought!??!??

reminds me of the good old times, when the best and the worst played in t3 together. i still wonder, why you didn’t figure out the secret ingredients to the success of that time, when it is so obvious.


The patch is great but the missile slot nerf was not necessary, the worst come from heavy repair drone it’s simple you can’t even spawn them all! In the 15 sec cool down the first drone you placed get destroyed leaving fed dessy without healing ability in battle. Same for empire, basically they don’t have protection at all and that forced me to rework most of my build to make them fit this update.

This need to be reverted!

And also, did anyone get in survival mode? I think it has been removed

Can someone plz screenshot the new bundle thing? If you’ll recall, I don’t have the game installed any more.

35 minutes ago, EndeavSTEEL said:

And also, did anyone get in survival mode? I think it has been removed

More importantly, did they fix/remove Combat Recon? I personally was ok with Survival. It was easy kills for me but the whole being captain and having to run for your life for ~10 minutes is lame.

2 minutes ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Can someone plz screenshot the new bundle thing? If you’ll recall, I don’t have the game installed any more.

I mean it’s something


Maybe adjusting the repair drones spawn timer and thats it, the rest is somewhat okay, but i would really like to know why r9 fights against r11, it doesnt add up in mm terms.

_ Hello _


![:00:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/00.png “:00:”)

This update realy suck, 

I don’t like this nerfing ships that you did now,

you are way to late with this. Like 10 months to late.

Since I like to use fighters and interceptors my favorite ships in this moment were Tharga and Taikin.

So I really realy realy realy realy don’t like this update.

Targa is now more then 30% worse then before. The way you reduced points for next  level upgrade is idiotic.

I don’t mind that you reduced 175 points from before but how you did it. 

It would be way better and interesting if we players who actually play this game could set level of ship and then chose upgrades-moduls like we wish until max points.

Now I’m forced to pick some upgrades from low rank (to get points) that I don’t like just to get to next level.

Did I tell you that I don’t like this update? 

Did I tell you that what you did is realy realy realy bad?



ps; you are (still) doing something wrong since u have less and less active players and patch like this don’t realy help.

Perhaps it would help that you reduce waiting time for PvP or PvE game.

Ofcourse it would be also nice if we get in game before captain was killed in com.recon.



Or before it was -30 or +30 kills for one team in survival.

Ah and detonation is also great when you are waiting to enter game and you can watch how bomb is delivered to final station.

I realy think if you repair this things it will help game much more than nerf-updates like this,

Oh one more thing,

I hope you like my honest opinion and will rethink what I told you.







2 hours ago, evo888 said:

the cpu mod for engies is a disaster, make it available to all ellydium ships and give engineers something else

It was specifically limited to engineers only because on a Tharga and Taikin that would invalidate all balancing fixes to their guns that were made prior to this (overheat-cooling cycle rate is very critical to some of their guns performance).


1 hour ago, EndeavSTEEL said:

And also, did anyone get in survival mode? I think it has been removed


It is gone for now


59 minutes ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Can someone plz screenshot the new bundle thing? If you’ll recall, I don’t have the game installed any more.


then you shouldn’t care to begin with?



  • I dislike the approach you guys took in balancing green ships, this way you kill the moto for the ships - “diversity and customisation”, instead you pigeonholing them more and more into a single possible build/evolution tree, practical throwing away years of Development efforts you put into creating diversity in those ships. Again, greens needed adjustment, but definitely not using the approach you took.


  • Even easier farming = good, of course.


  • Years later and majority of latest PvP maps are still not available in T5 ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”) 

Please, read my post in its entirety!



Listen, I am not actively playing Star Conflict anymore. There is no point, at least for now.

I spent enough money on this game as it is. Won’t pay more just for the sake of paying or grinding resources that won’t drop to get other resources destroyed.

Ellydium ships will be ignored, if need be, along with the game altogether, if it won’t improve in the near future. That’s a fact.

Now, let’s move on this update!


Note: (existing major issue)

The only thing that I need, and it just won’t drop, are Instruction nanoprojectors.

I do not get any drops, so it must be a bug. I stopped trying, since this game has become an abomination for me, because of this.



About the patch 1.4.9:

Legend: - = bad, + = good, o7 = perfect,  O  = neutral


Bug-fixes and improvements:   o7

All is good, even some unlisted “ninja” changes and visual improvements.


Mineral’s box:   o7

A good choice for those who are lazy enough. Not really necessary, but welcomed!


Dart & Gargoyle nerf:   O

I will not say that it was necessary, but it is understandable!


Destroyer Static Shield/Barrier changes: (general)   -

New barriers look and perform worse than the old ones!

(old barriers should only be erected 10-15% further from the ship, while you could increase their size radius by an additional 5%.)



New cool-down times are really absurd (practical use of heavy repair drones is now severely limited/impractical.

For Federation destroyers, a static shield barrier is now almost worse than a heavy repair drone.

If you ask me, all destroyer barriers should be adjusted accordingly.

I know what I am talking about. In the last 5 seconds or by damage, barrier should start to fluctuate, so you know that it’s almost depleted!


Advice 1: (change the numbers and test them for 1-2 weeks)

Destroyer Static Shield/Barrier:

Tier III (R8):     50000 strength, duration: 60 seconds

Tier IV (R11):   75000 strength, duration: 60 seconds

Tier V (R14): 100000 strength, duration: 60 seconds


Advice 2: (necessary, due to recent tweaks)

Additionally, I would also include one thing: Rank 4 implant abilities that would also benefit a Destroyer.

Rank 4 Empire - Destroyer Barrier size radius is 20% larger. Heavy Repair Drone also heals in a 20% larger radius. (not object placement point)

Rank 4 Federation - Destroyer Barrier/Heavy Repair Drone now recharges 50% faster. / Ability to erect an additional shield/drone is now possible. (1 valid option only!)

Rank 4 Jericho - Destroyer Barrier/Heavy Repair Drone gains additional 50% durability. /Energy consumption for shield/drone is reduced by 50%. (1 valid option only!)


Ellydium ship nerfs: (general)   -



Now that Ellydium ships are comparable to standard/premium ships, some rare items, especially Instruction nanoprojectors, should get ability to be obtainable through the Workshop.

Maybe all items should have such feature now, since we already have all the ship parts available in the Workshop for the rest of them.


This needs to be addressed also in the game’s economy, the peoples, won’t be focusing to grind/invest in them, since their power is now severely diminished/gone.

Interest in them will also be lower now.

Unique features no longer correspond and justify the high investment/grind required to obtain and fully develop one such ship.

That should be reflected in the easier accessibility in the Evolution/Mutation Tree.

However, we are restricted from moving on for a number of reasons - special module that require parts that can only be gained randomly, with Iridium, or the Trading System.


Cost is enormous, if you combine all the possible factors. (Evolution) grind is overly excessive! Only Thar’Ga progression is now acceptable and fine - balanced.

In terms of balancing, I think that lowering the Evolution/Mutation limit from 1300 to 1125, wasn’t really necessary!

Ellydium ships were supposed to be unique and slightly better.

Now, they are just on par with standard ships, with their unique look and modules, but they’re not really excelling at anything, well, just a bit.

They are equal, which doesn’t justify their cost, especially in terms of evolution upgrades in general, especially Instruction nanoprojectors!


Advice 3:

Best option would be that you add Instruction nanoprojectors item for some ‘daily mission’ that you can do in Open Space, etc., or a ‘time-limited event’ as well.

Still, the option to craft [1] Instruction nanoprojectors item from [150-300] Alien composite block, [5-10] Enriched monocrystals and [50-100] Iridium, would be the best option to do.

The rest of 5 evolution resources could stay only obtainable from random ‘Evolution’ missions as they are, or included like this, but with slightly different type and amount of resources.


Maybe you could implement 1 additional container, which would only have Instruction nanoprojectors - Premium Xeno-Core container?

Options: [1] Instruction nanoprojectors, [2] Instruction nanoprojectors,[5]Instruction nanoprojectors, [10] Instruction nanoprojectors.

x5 bundle option guarantees 5 Instruction nanoprojectors.

If you would do so, you could remove, or leave, Instruction nanoprojectors from the Premium Xeno-container.


That would at least provide a possibility to progress normally, by playing in the game, while other (paying) options are still available to be used at any time for all players.



Problem is in (evolution) progression of Ellydium ships, except Thar’Ga. The rest is fine, with the exception of destroyer modules.

All of this should be addressed very soon, including all reported bugs that we discovered on the Public Test version of the game.




Kind regards,


14 minutes ago, Koromac said:


Nicely said!


I think all of it would make this patch perfect. Gimme back ma 175 points on Tai’Kin and the Rank 4 Destroyer missile slot crew is genius! <------- Do eet!

Also, the new Stationary Station for Wuz’Got; I’m not sure what to think about it. It’s cool but at the same time lame. Your team goes off and fights the war while you hang back with your proud new station. LOLOLOL