Star Conflict 1.4.5: Engineer Evolved (Discussion)

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What happened to ALt + f4 and why

You know that if someone is at level of ragequit that no Alt F4 won’t stop anyone, right? …right?


Also Alt+F4 was best way to leave hangar, not it’s gone. Now I have to do Esc -> leave -> *click* Yes coz setting button is so small my mouse is getting to 2nd screen to easy if I want to click it >.<


[@CinnamonFake](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/257821-cinnamonfake/)

Just. look. at. it.


I like this patch mostly. The trade upgrade is great, but I think 2 hours for an advert is too short.
I like the new gui it’s pretty.
The effects in Special Operation is to much for me I need sunglasses to play it it so bright.

[@CinnamonFake](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/257821-cinnamonfake/) do you have plan to block Alt+Tab while being in your game? Or should I make suggestion?

Coz you know Alt+F4 and Alt+Tab to browse Internets is basically same thing for a team - it loses one player anyway.

The removal of alt+f4 isn’t really gonna stop people from rage quitting. There are so many ways to sever a connection forcibly.

disconnector is a way better than afker. Afker is spawning over and over feeding enemy team, disconnected is just one player less in a team.

Will you consider making settings button bigger? *It’s 2easy2miss atm*



I using alt + F4 only when I die in pve.

Can i change reloading timer to old? This new is annoying me.

I must say that it’s a great patch!

And so goes all the new effect (transporter explosion is beautiful), thx a lot for buffing the stingray too


I still have some question tho, 

What happen to the isotope harvester description?

Why 300 composite bloc for just 1 part of the waz’got and why only for the hull?

When will the next dessy activator come out?

Can we expect to see more stuff that we can get with xenoships?

You guys haven’t done anything with Taikin for months now, please do something about it.
The UI update is really nice, together with the trade.
Maybe upgrading the trade to be able to instabuy from the adverts instead of requiring to contact people again would be way better + 24 hour adverts instead of 2, idk your server capacity for such things but i doubt it has much effect on its stability.

I find the rest of the update fairly good.

4 minutes ago, ORCA1911 said:

You guys haven’t done anything with Taikin for months now, please do something about it.

They did something, removed Alt+F4 so now as a newbie with standard ship when you meet Taikin for nth time and die without possibility to defend, you can’t rage quit ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) 

Give us back Alt+F4 , remove doesnt solve anything.


U forgot remove

  1. Playing game in window simpy pres “x” on up right

  2. Ctrl+Alt+Del - task man. - kill “game.exe”


When is the fully developed Waz’Got out?? Rank 15.

5 minutes ago, DeathWasp said:

When is the fully developed Waz’Got out?? Rank 15.

Please don’t, already too much elly in T5!

Just now, Scar6 said:

Please don’t, already too much elly in T5!

Well i dont want to be stuck in T3 for much longer, im a T5 player so… i want it fully developed asap.

Yea i’ll get it R8 right once I get it, but I seem it’s gone be 1 phase per month, which I hope not :confused: they could make a event that allows us to give them ideas for modules, I think that could make thing a bit faster… just a idea ^^

Wow some people really want to bully newbies like me ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”)

I have discovered a few issues with the new timer cooldowns. I do not like them in general.

For example, take Pyro Emitter or Pulsar. Before you could also see the number of affected enemies in range or if in contact with the effect otherwise, but now it will no longer show these numbers.

You forgot to fully implement this change, so I am asking that we have a choice to either have this one, which needs to be improved and upgraded or the old one, which was fine.

About Waz’Got. I am pretty sure that the ship drops are designed in such ways, that you’ll be probably raging because you won’t get the parts you need.

People will once again claim P2W and most will not grind, but just exit the game.


I can tell you how you could have easily done it better.


Contracts for each component should be displayed.

You can select a limited number of them, then you can get what you want. You can still decide to go with random drops, but at least here there is a fair choice.