Star Conflict 1.3.4 Discussion

Important thing: some new features are a part of the experiment. No need to imagine things that didn’t exist, like redused droprate etc. We looking for the future and, for now, we need to do a research about new loot changes. All your feedback is very important :wink:


Sorry but monocristal quest used to give 2 mono before your patch. Now it’s reduced to 1.

Furthermore, even if I still lack of informations (I will pay attention to loot map), this patch is based on an alrealdy existing system… You know, you win, you can click on a certain number of dots to gain random loots but it’s not the same than having a 100% guaranted mono.

If you set on loot map one dot for a monocristal, it will be diluted in a whole ; in terms of probabilities/chances you start from 100% to fall to y/x where y is your max number of attempts and x the loot dots. Whatever be the situation, the second case is always under 100%. Even if you can try several times a day.


I let game time ratio behind.

@JasanQuinn : you explained better than I did.

In response to the note…

One of the reasons we asked for this stuff to be included in PvP and PvE drop rates was to increase the amount we got! The rate of acquisition is simply too low, especially for Beryllium - that stuff is practically non-existent!


I also tried flying T4 again for the first time since before Destroyers came out. Never again. That black hole is bullshit! Being pinned in place and constantly damaged through shields faster than auras can heal? Who the hell thought that was a good idea!?

I’m starting to think you’ve made these changes to deliberately ruin the game for us - people here have been very vocal about how they’ll be dropping to Tier 2 once T5 Destroyers turn up to ruin endgame PvP, so now you make flying against these broken ships compulsory.


What’s really sad is that I’ve been putting time into an alt, and I’ve enjoyed the first ten hours of play despite the fact I’ve been flying ships I don’t like. But I’m not enjoying the mid or end game on my main account despite owning fully purple premium ships!

If you’d like a constructive list, here you go:


  1. Remove Destroyers from PvP.




  1. Revert changes to OS missions.


  1. Revert changes to Neodymium and Beryllium ores.


  1. Add Monocrystals to the drop table for all ships Rank 6+, regardless of synergy.


  1. Add Neodymium Ore to drop table for all ships rank 7+, regardless of synergy.


7) Add Beryllium Ore to drop table for all ships rank 10+, regardless of synergy.


  1. Add Neodymium Plates to drop table for all ships rank 13+, regardless of synergy.


  1. Add Beryllium Plates to drop table for all ships rank 13+, regardless of synergy.


  1. Increase Monocrystal drop rate for all ships rank 13+, regardless of synergy.


  1. Significantly increase chance of Monocrystal, Neodymium Ore / Plate and Beryllium Ore / Plate drops from R11+ Purple loot sites.



Now for the why:



They aren’t balanced, especially not at R11.  They belong in their own game mode, not in regular PvP.


Emphasis on R13+:

This stuff we’re talking about is meant to be end game content. By making it easier for end game players (R13+) to get this stuff, you encourage them to fly the end game and not “tier down” to lower ranks, which is a complaint newer players have been making forever.



All carrot, no stick.

On the monetisation side:


  1. Reduce bundle costs.


  1. Give fixed rewards from bundles - 1 plate for x GS, 10 monos for y GS, etc, with a possibility of MORE reward than that stated.


People like fixed rewards. They like knowing exactly what they are going to get, especially when there’s real world money changing hands.

I would post it in suggestions, but it’s been made clear feedback on monetisation is not welcome.

First of all i don’t play the game anymore because of the removal of squad play, and recent updates.

However i must say, that this update is a big step in the right direction because:

You can now obtain a SP ship from playing PVP - this is perhaps the most important update!

You can obtain a Destroyer as well by playing the game - it makes good sense!

Most of the open space missions were really boring, however the rewards were decent. I fear that the droprate in PVP/PVE might be a bit too low now though.

I’ll give you a thumbs up for the update though, and i like the fact that you are listening to some of our points and issues we have provided you with on the forum.

There is still much work to be done, and i will gladly provide you with feedback IF you will need it.


Also there’s some experimental features in the patch. So we’re gathering feedback and looking forward :wink:

If they are experimental, it just underlines my point: then OS resources could have not been touched yet, and done separately; much wiser. I am sure, subtracting the monocrystals earned by missions from loot drop isn’t so hard to track, if you set up your environment right. It just looks like an unwise provocative move from the other side of the table atm. Well, it’s done, as I don’t expect you to react.

I for one am still happy about the new loot drop - as it is a step in the right direction, imho. But as said, I am not at all surprised by the complaints, and don’t see why this hasn’t been anticipated yet. It’s not like, this has been going on for a while now.




Squads had not been promised in the near future.

Which basicly is just sad, amongst other worse things.

Active players have also not been promised in the far future.


Once the players have no reliable means to exercise teamwork, and real life makes the vets disappear, it will just break down in an instant. You underestimate how much old players are worth in a competitive game, just to learn from, even if it hurts. You should bandage wounds, not try to prevent the struggle.


Leagues will only work, if it’s based on something else, as even more competitive mode. No one will go leagues, except vets, and when they are gone, you got even more empty queues.

Just do squads in T4 and T5, how does it hurt? Also, cmon Cr0’s suggestion was awesome.


edit: and if people complain about the MM, well, to be honest, the MM QQ is kind of history - it’s not like after 10k battles it’s simple to realize: the MM is just as unpredictable in fairness, as it was in alpha, and each game is just what I, or my teammates make of it, so what shalls!? All those whiners are gone now, and a mature community, the amount of knowledge and tutorials, etc. will defend you against it; we got a special cat for that.

we got a special cat for that.


Nah, he stopped playing also. Well  I assume you are talking about the one in a box?

-Well,i really like the fact that you implemented destroyers and grew the tier limit in Co-op,it would be easier to do the next mission set for the R14,hopefully that we will be required to the same stuff,kill destroyers and kill players with destroyer weapons…


-Another thing is that the heavy repair drones are quite good,but only for specific gamemodes(PvE and OS) and specific destroyers(Empire),plus if you want to use them efficiently don’t build a hull tanking destroyer!   :fed014: Just build it resist tank and they will be used more efficiently…

-Next up there is the monocrystal reduction,bad move,especially for the license guys and me who i like spending time in OS,hope you will revert that back to 2 monos…

And ill be honest,i played a bunch of everything and I got absolutely no monos,neo and berry from the loot search…


-Now that we got to this topic,why did you make the neo and berry cost x5 times higher?And there is pretty much no compensation in loot drop or in OS?Shouldn’t they should be x5 times as common and x5 as cheap? 

Nah, he stopped playing also. Well  I assume you are talking about the one in a box?


I talk about the one with the evil grin in the shadows, Captain Bel.


Deluvas only scratches you if you reach inside said box. The other one scratches harder, especially, if you deserve it, but is fluffy if you honestly need help. Because Gotham gets what Gotham deserves.

Repair drones were nice. Not quite as effective as I wanted them to be, but nice wddition.

Materials in PvP/PvE is an amazing change, but making us need 3x more ore per plate was a xxxx move.

Though cinnamon bun cleared some controversy up with this:

Max range is 3. So you can be with 8,9,10 ranks, or 7,8,9 ranks etc.

so that’s a bit better.

Also, why did you reduce corporation sector rewards, as well as make them more difficult to obtain???

Interestingly, all the people that know how to play and fight back, who make this game a challenge and not a farmfest, are people who grew up when squads still existed.

I see this even more extreme, no squads means the community will gradually newb out. Vets will leave and whats left are the solorambos and the ppl that enjoy farming defensless people. People that never got the chance to have teamplay, to participate and communicate. This some big dumb xxxx. (Btw no single corp in this game, got the will & capacity to get their players through the tiers in 2man squads. Leages will stay dead, because the way there is dead. Hollow.)

I couldn’t care less for all the other changes, because squads are THAT important to me.

I don’t care about destros and if i would play this games because of rewards, i would have been long gone anyways.


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For one, i am glad that we have a Cinnamon to add to our herbal treatment. I hope you like it spicy. Someone bring the sweet rolls. :004j:



I totally agree with you :slight_smile:

So, these rep drones are not target able, kind of a problem since ping and such. Btw, destro can use 2 at the same time.

CinnamonFake (Today, 10:22 AM):

There wasn’t reducing corp sector rewards

The FDEF gold sector went from 15 to 6.

So, these rep drones are not target able, kind of a problem since ping and such. Btw, destro can use 2 at the same time.

Fed can have 3, but they die if you sneeze at them.

I’m tired froum your new shiny destroyers… you can kil them on 1vs1 but lets face it every single game everyoune uses destroyers . that happens when you give players something like DESTROYERs . I think you killed your own game no balance left means no fun anymore , who has more destroyers wins . no skill no luck nada. End of game . and you still trying to make them more stronger  new guns heals etc. while ALL other ships remain same … now tell me who buy premium ships now?  i did buy 50 premium ships and they ALL weak… I dont have and tier of destroyers and i will not gonna craft them until you fix your own game BALANCE .  I play games for fun , i pay for it name the price , your game make me angry now and i can divorce with single click . I stop play  , good luck with your slow moded destroyer ball game  , make more more more stronger against well not me… you are not alone in this bussiness and your path is wrong , i dont care what u think or say  İ DONT PLAY ANYMORE congrats

Fed can have 3, but they die if you sneeze at them.


I’mgueessing they will be easily murded with coils. Do they orbit within coil explosion radius?

I’mgueessing they will be easily murded with coils. Do they orbit within coil explosion radius?

When you stand they orbit, when you move, they follow like drones. Looking forward to triple missile pylon destroyers hahahaha