Star Conflict 1.3.4 Discussion

Welcome to discuss the patch1.3.4.



Yes, finally, I don’t have to play os to get resources. I think it’s a great change to let players gather crafting material in a mode that they like and not forcing os on them.


I don’t agree entirely on the changes though. Tuning down the mono rewards for the daily os missions was not a good move. Tested in about 10 Battles, I got 2 mono crystals. those battles took longer than doing one os mission. So, you’ve cut mono crystal income. That’s a bad decision, because this game has too many mono crystal sinks. You need them in big numbers and you cut income further? Also cutting the benefit of my premium license. Yeah, I know, you still get one crystal more than free users, but now you only get 6 per day guaranteed, instead of 9.


Just a hint, bad idea if you want to keep selling it.


I also find the changes to neodium and beryllium not very well adjusted and the way to get them is strangely specific. Why not grant neodium to everbody flying rank 8 and above? Same with beryllium, why not grant it to everybody flying rank 11 and above.

I think a ratio of 5 Ore for one Plate would have also done the job. In my mentioned 10 battles I found 3 neodium ore and 1 neodium plate. I think that is ok, if the ratio ore to plate is changed. 10 is too much in my opinion.


The changes to pve feel good, probably not  an as big spike in difficulty for newer players now because rank 1-5 missions.


Now to the crafting materials in trophie search. I have the feeling the pool is getting too inflated. I suggest to remove the worthless credits trophies and give us more crafting materials instead. We would get the common stuff more often.

We’re already getting credits for winning, I don’t need 5000 credits in the trophies.


Destroyer Repair drones.

I don’t know yet if i like that change. Will have to see how it develops. I liked that destroyers were reliant on engineers to heal up until now. Made teamwork more necesarry.

Now they can just play even more destroyerball and defensively heal up.


All in all, a good patch in my opinion, but definitely needs adjustment on ore and mono rewards.

It must be rank 8 ships not rank 9 for the neodium jobs, and it must be r11 not r12 for the beryllium jobs?


What is the pilot rating range for doing skirmish with r8 ships?

It must be rank 8 ships not rank 9 for the neodium jobs, and it must be r11 not r12 for the beryllium jobs?


What is the pilot rating range for doing skirmish with r8 ships?



There were three concerns I had with this patch


  1. Increasing the Ore:Plate ratios to 10:1 significantly reduces the efficiency of Open Space mining

I actually spend a fair bit of time in Open Space, usually on mining runs. It’s gotten me good hauls of crafting materials (20 Crystal Shards, 20 Osmium, 6 Graphite, 2 Neodium, 1 Beryllium, 600k credits all in one hour was my best), and because that was the only reliable way of getting Neodium, I expected to spend a lot more time flying around out there trying to find it. Now that the ratio has suddenly gone from 2:1 to 10:1, hunting Neodium Ore in Open Space is suddenly an enormous waste of time, because even on the rare occasion I do find an Ore, that one ore eats an inventory slot and gets me almost nowhere.

  • Proposed solution to this concern: Slightly decrease the rarity of Neodium/Beryllium Ore, and allow them to stack (up to 5) in cargo slots. Having 1 slot hold 5 Neodium Ore puts the relative cargo transport capacity back where it was before, while making it slightly more common makes it actually practical to find it this way.


  1. Neodium and Beryllium only available at Rank 8/11 specifically

The big problem I have with this is that Rank 8 has some glaring holes in ship variations. The only roles that have more than one variant at Rank 8 are Destroyers and Covert Ops. All other roles, you only have one option for them, and if you haven’t put all the legwork on that one faction you simply don’t have that as an option. (At least at Rank 11, the only holes are Jericho Command and Guard, but those are still primary roles for Jericho ships.) And I don’t like this artificial limit on what ships can and can’t be used for this.

  • Proposed solution: Expand Neodium searching to cover Ranks 8-9 or even 7-9, and expand Beryllium searching to cover Ranks 11-12. 


  1. Comparative effectiveness gap between Basic and Premium License

In Open Space, when you run out of inventory slots you fly over to a cargo drone, drop off, and go back to flying. If you’re doing it in a Premium ship or if you have hull upgrades, you don’t need to drop cargo quite as often. In regular mission loot, you get a few loot slots and you’re done until your next win. However, Premium License users get an extra few search slots in post-battle loot, so they invariably have slightly better odds at getting better loot. This change of migrating Neodium acquisition from Open Space to battle loot is actually a fairly severe comparative nerf to OS and a significant buff to the premium License. And that’s a little insulting to players (like me) who 1) don’t run premium 24/7, and 2) actually enjoy Open Space.

It must be rank 8 ships not rank 9 for the neodium jobs, and it must be r11 not r12 for the beryllium jobs?


What is the pilot rating range for doing skirmish with r8 ships?

Max range is 3. So you can be with 8,9,10 ranks, or 7,8,9 ranks etc.

This topic is gonna get on fire. Cinnamon, get a fire extinguisher ready.

This topic is gonna get on fire. Cinnamon, get a fire extinguisher ready.

I got all equipment) 

** Destroyers **

1st of all.

Heavy repair drones does not belong on a Destroyer, period.

Repairing ships is a Engineers Job.

If Destroyers need more healing they could change their hull to Regeneratie coating.




Is it easier to kill destroyers with heavy repair drones and no static shield? Or is it harder?

I will try to be concise.


+The hangar looks great

+You implemented monocrystals in loot for pvp (and pve)

+You made it harder to abuse the League system, by preventing ppl from jumping between teams, and in doing so hinder good elite players from “aiding” other teams to climb to a rating they actually dont deserve. That belongs in the blog discussion, for the future, still Id like this change. 

+A change in the Sector Conquest mechanics, I think, to the better, this will prevent fake corps from growing and abusing fake accounts from collecting iridium/gs, “rewards” will be given those who play for it (you just have to remember to select the location on the map before going to pvp) :stuck_out_tongue:

+Mono rewards for leagues is still active, too bad only a few elite teams play them now, and totally obliterate anyone coming near the league launch button


-You changed the monocrystal economy to the worse, yesterday I think i was just lucky by finding 4 mono crystals in total from 10 wins out of 15 games. (Besides, I have premium, which also grant me more loot attempts; 5 instead of 3) 

So even though the reason to this change, is that you want to “move” people from open space to pvp and pve, or give incentive to ppl to “play the game” - it’s not cool to do so by taking away the mono rewards from OS (especially not if you happen to buy Premium like I did some time ago) which brings me to my next point,

113 days of premium (what I have left) will now give me 678 monos, instead of the “old” deal - the deal i payed for, and expected to get - 1017. You changed, even dishonored, the deal, which is not only disrespectful but you also changed the value of product I bought. I better not comment on what I think of that. 

Today I have played 10 games so far, 5 wins, not a single mono in loot. So apparently, I was just damn lucky yesterday. Even so, I would not play 15-20 games each day, which seems to be needed now in order to have my daily 9 monos like before, which makes me wonder if it’s even worth playing at all tbh, especially since squads haven’t made a comeback. 

-Frankly, leagues is repetetive and not at all dynamic, it’s not a place where you squad up with friends and have “fun”, queue time is often long, and you face the same opponent again and again. 

-You restricted the chance of getting beryllium and neodium loot to r8 and r11 exclusively, seriously, I want to try out a T4 destroyer, but Im not gonna play 80-100 battles to finish a contract that will only give me 10 and 15 monocrystals. I dont even find any of those resources each time I win, so around 80 games is what I would need to play to finish that assignment, since I dont win each game. Which brings me further;

-By doing what is mentioned above me, you dragged ppl away from R15 - the games I played yesterday and today have been small in T5, 3-5v5… again… just like how it was a year ago. Before this change, I was thrown into big, chaotic T5 battles where 8v8 was the smallest ones.

-Squadding up now as 2man in T3-T5… is next to impossible, around european peak time yesterday I sat for 7min waiting in queue before we gave up. Or what, do I need to play only r8 and r11 now in order to get a proper game, squad or solo - doesnt matter, but that is where you point people to go judging from the new “generous” reward system.

-You need 10 impure neo/berry to make 1 plate now? Really?


Ok I failed at being concise… and Im not even finished. 


Answer to ur comment: Im exhausted atm :stuck_out_tongue: There are so many things left unsaid, but if  I start again, I will sit and write another hour, I need a break :stuck_out_tongue: Polite of you to wait for me btw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

-You changed the monocrystal economy to the worse, yesterday I think i was just lucky by finding 4 mono crystals in total from 10 wins out of 15 games. (Besides, I have premium, which also grant me more loot attempts; 5 instead of 3) 


Hahh, I found only one single mono yesterday. And I too have a license. 

The trophy search part is great. The only downside is you need maxed out ships to be able to get the desired bonuses, but still okay.


I dont understand the change in neodium/beryllium, why now, it would have been useful on the begining to cut down the excessive numbers of destroyers per match. The only thing it did is cripple someone’s 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th destroyer in the making. 


The repair drone is nice, it would have been better if it could be upgraded or used as an active module. The 200-ish pts per sec are not much but anything more than that is kinda overkill i guess.


I really dislike the change on open space missions, just one monocrystal per mission is not good. I generaly dislike the lottery approach on certain aspects of the game. Yes, i can get monos in pvp, but can you tell me for certain ill get the 6 monos per day now like i did before? Now I can make a SP ship either in one day playing or in one year depending on my random luck. Needless to say im not a lucky person.


All the other changes are fairly good tho.

Wow… My post got deleted!!..

Nice way of censoring the forum with opinions you dont agree with.

So instead of dealing with criticism about your game, you just delete posts you dont agree with.

verry mature.


Lets start maturity with not having xxxx-es all over in a post. Then constructive criticism may come.


Edit: LOL I see Koro had the same in mind.

Update itself brings many improvements, but the most important ones failed to provide and meet my expectations.

I bought 360 days of Premium License and I don’t even need it. 2 times of 6-month license. The sole reason for this is to do monocrystal missions. Open Space itself is boring as hell in a current state.

There is no inspiration put into it. So, to get back to this, instead of 9, I will now get 6 monocrystals.

Guess what? I won’t bother with that anymore. You changed something, which was a rule since the Invasion.

You changed the rules and the deal that you were offering. You may be permitted to do so, but you don’t see the broader picture.

3 daily monocrystals for each faction with a Premium was a standard. Maybe you all know what you’re doing. Maybe this is your goal. It’s stupid, if not even arrogant.


I simply refuse to play with certain ranks to get resources. Why? It’s simple. Because I got over 1,6 Billion credits and I can just salvage Mark 2 Kits or modules to get what I want instantly.

Resource distribution and requirements were fine.

By doing these changes, you’ve made my guide obsolete in some way. You are doing changes, which are not exactly relevant, yet harmful to the game and community.


Squads are not re-introduced. We all want that feature back. I’ve been asking for it for months now. Groups are useless now. You may as well just remove it.

Leagues, I won’t bother with them anymore. I either crush same teams all over. It gets boring quickly. And so goes for them. They leave, then you won’t find another match.


So, to summarize, update 1.3.4 should leave resource requirements intact, along with Open Space daily rewards. Everything else that was added is a plus.

Still, in the update 1.3.5 I hope to see, that you will revert back to previous values for both Open Space and resources.



Roger and out!

 + I am really happy, PvP drops get something new. Really.

 + There has been work on the destro balance.

 + The new module was unexpected, but at the same time not OP, however it is also a bit of a - to it…

 + The League changes look promising, even if the gamemode will never replace squads; and in fact, the absence of squads makes “new blood” in the vet ranks even more rare.


 - All R8 missions should be able to be done in R8+ and R11 with R11+; find 50 x - okay. but stop telling me where; I have T5, so I should be able to do R8 and R11 at the same time. Why not? I am T5. Why should I go back and use R9 now? Tournaments are an exception. Once you complained people such as me are there and ruining people’s experience, now you even force us back there? Truly, what is the point behind such decisions?

 - With this droprate, the missions take forever. We are always jumping from “extremely easy and fast” to “overly grindy and feels like work” kind of thing. Really, really work on your mindset about rewards. Are you really just wanting to make income at releases, or do you want a rather steady flow? Btw. it wouldnt hurt as much if the previous thing wouldnt exist: all R8 missions should be also doable in higher ranks.

 - Removing OS resources was unneccessary or at least should have come next patch.

  1) You did not compensate for the vets what others get in upgrade cycles, so it was (or is) really hard for some of us to even reach the first destroyer; This was a major mistake, and actually, you were lucky the community is rather small, benign and hardcore, so the shitstorm was small; Some even invested, silently, since its fair to pay the rent. And we lost a few people with this, but it was just a trigger in a history of decisions, for most of them, so it is just a bad thing that happened and it feels as if there is no remorse, and things like this just get ignored and swept under the rug. Doing another nerf in this area just clearly sends a message, which - to be honest - does not make you deserve praise.

  2) Such actions stay in the room, even if we dont talk about it after a while. It would have been really wiser to wait with the OS nerf, if you really intended it, until the droprate in PvP is balanced. So what, for a while people get a bit too much. It’s not like the game isn’t way too unrewarding anyway, and probably a more liberal approach would have had a lot more player retention and we would have a lot more activity here, but its okay, blame “bad mouth” and well, it’s just my opinion, right… imho to be honest, SC had a good chance to be a star pupil of f2p, pun intended, generating even more interest than the WoT clones out there; feels like a wasted opportunity to me.

 3) If the first two points didnt make it clear, I am rather talking about the “how”, not the “what”. In the end, it is your responsibility to decide how to keep players fairly rewarded and interested.

 - Gravy is still annoyingly dumb. Nerf it please.

 - Destroyer force fields are still OP, the healing beacons feel weak compared to it, so it seems. But that’s just a remote assessement, I do not own a Destroyer.

 - LRF now camp even harder because the buff feels rewarding; pls implement 3-ships-at-least in R11+ and 4-ship-at-least in R13+. Everybody in those ranks has to have the ships and slots, no need to allow people in the queue with a single LRF equipped.


I do not repeat the rest of the stuff from last patch, but thats also still valid.

Ok I will try to be accurate, I only speak about my opinion/case/experience of gaming. I don’t like this patch and here are my reasons :


  • As a “casual” player (with little time to play, 30-45min monday-friday and a little more on saturday/sunday), daily yellow faction quest was a good way to plan and gain monocristals. 2/day were not a huge income but I could think about crafting one or two modules after some time. You removed half of the income saying in the same time that we can find mono in other game mod. Ok so I tried. I took a lot of time to test what was said by Cinnammon on another topic, I did several vs IA battles, did the same on pve (fire support, sector defense…) and all the loots I gathered with r8 and r11 ships told me an different story. I got no mono (10-15 battles), no neodium, no berylium but I got vanadium (almost useless… I never lack of it), some silicon and only 1 impure graphite. I may be unlucky (I will check this week-end) but it’s more than disturbing. Ok I don’t want everything, all SP ships with brown modules, all modules (…), I’m ok to farm to gain materials but there’s no hope. With these drop rates, I can’t even think about owning a r11 destroyer the next year, no I say r11, not r14. It’s like looking at the moon, you can see it, you can see details but you won’t reach it.


  • I gave up doing OS to gather berylium/neodium. I found only one berylium nugget after searching dozens of rocks, it’s not about time consuming, it’s about the probabilities. I can play or I can farm ; I, like many gamers I presume, come in to change their mind. In my mind, after reading many reactions, many game experience, I have no knowledge of ore distribution… When I was playing WoW “vanilla”, black lotus could be found only once in a map for a common timer. Once collected, you needed to wait up to 2h to get the chance to find on a spot such a plant. Here in SC, it seems really different. You can find rocks with 100 credits, vanadium or silicon despite the fact you are in high ranked areas, are they traps ? Placeholders ? I wonder.


  • Destroyers are a fine and fun addition to the game, I have one (r8 because I missed winter holiday’s event so I had to wait for broker’s task to gain mats) but it seems to be a “call ad” for new players.


  • Vs IA loot reduction. What ? There were 3 steps since the introduction of the game mode : clay targets (where IA was too weak), titanium hunters (where IA were fully synergized, with purple weapons), “a little challenging” (where 2 enemies ECM are practising stun lock on you). The reward (loot) was overestimated in stage 1, underestimated in stage 2 and “not so interesting but it’s better than being in a lost pvp battle” in stage 3. Until I saw that IA has destroyers too. I will watch carefully but having IAs with deadly purple weapons mounted on destroyers while having a loot reduction seems to be unfair.


  • Paid bundles. But they are nothing more than lotery tickets, this has not changed.


  • I’m not sure but destroyers ammo reloading may have been increased. Anyone with informations ?

Tr** rophy Search:**

I don’t agree with the maxed ship requirement. It is a needless extension to an already unwelcome amount of grind. Monocrystal, Neodium, etc. should simply be a part of the drop table for ALL ships of Rank 7 and up.

Cutting monocrystal income is likewise a terrible idea. Put it back.


Change to co-op is the only thing here I agree with as is.



I hope you’ve made these ores 10x more common to compensate…



I’d have to see this in battle, but my gut says it’s a bad change.


Sector Conquest:

]So the point of this change seems to be to stop giving players a passive reward from just being in a corp that hold territory. Fair enough.




Does anyone actually care about this mode?



As long as the tweaks to PvE difficulty have been downward (ie: to ensure that Rank 11 ships aren’t dead on launch) then this seems fine.


Overall, there’s some good ideas in here ruined by terrible implementation. It smacks of a mindset focused around earning money by pissing the player base off until they give in and pay real money to make the game less xxxx, rather than providing a good experience and monetising things that would make it even better.


Since overall the game is WORSE for me than it was before, I’m giving this one a solid thumbs down.

I feel so bitter about this update for reduce reward monocrystal daily, increase cost mats neodium and beryllium to make one plate. I only login to do daily factions, daily pvp/pve then last daily Special OPS. But now this I don’t know anymore if I can continue enjoy to play it without force grind these for obtain monocrystal. Rest of other hardcore players and pro pvper team can have these like league and battle dreadnought.


I prefer remain casual play it and slow obtain monocrystal. Please return normal reward daily monocrystal faction ?

Important thing: some new features are a part of the experiment. No need to imagine things that didn’t exist. We looking for the future and, for now, we need to do a research about new loot changes. All your feedback is very important :wink:

Important thing: some new features are a part of the experiment. No need to imagine things that didn’t exist, like redused droprate etc. We looking for the future and, for now, we need to do a research about new loot changes. All your feedback is very important :wink:

Reduced look DOES exist! I used to get 2 monos per day, now I get one!

This change encourages me to constantly abandon games the moment it looks like we’re losing, because there loot I want is only obtained from winning.


Make loot drops available to both teams, winner and loser, and that would improve.