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If it’s ONLY for Friday then that’s not a Weekend special! just sayin…

A Weekend special to me would be like Friday, Saturday & Sunday… Like seriously there’s no logic in saying it’s a WEEKEND special because it’s not even for the entire weekend which is how a good majority of people most likely thought as well.

Instead of sorta doing false advertisement you should of said “Special Friday!” or “End of the week Friday Special” something like that not made it seem like it’s for the entire weekend then in text put this Friday! like you kinda screwed up there be honest.

and yes I did buy $5 worth of GS so I could take advantage of it because I thought it was gonna be all weekend… my fault for not actually reading the news post on the forums or here on Facebook 1st.

I logged into the game yesterday and saw the big news popup that said it Weekend Special! so I figured it’d be for the whole weekend. I wake up today and notice I’m not getting 9-14k synergy anymore and was like what’s up? and now I see it was only for Friday had I of known this I honestly wouldn’t of even spent $5.

I guess the big thing is the fact there was nothing in the News Popup ingame about it only being a Friday Special and like I don’t check the site nor the forums or anything regularly but I guess lesson learned… still pretty screwed on gaijin’s part the way they worded it I feel.

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It’s sunday, event is still running. Case closed.