Squadmate position indicator

I think green arrows in the circolar part of the HUD are needed, indicating position of squad mates.


(Maybe it’s already in other HUD related discussion, in this case sorry.)

Bit confused by your request . The HUD already shows your squad  members in close proximity and with in range of your scanners

HUD shows ships of your team (BLUE arrows).

I mean when you join battle as a sqad (max 4 ppl). Ships that now appear green when you see them, but don’t have different arrow indicator in the central HUD.

They do have a different arrow indicator. It’s green rather than blue?


No. You have your TEAM (12 players) and your squad (max 4 players).

The ships and playernames of your team are blue. Your squad ones are green.


I’m saying this difference should be present also in the central arrow indicators.

Agreed. He means the Arrow indicators, which apply to ships not in view, which are only blue and red.


Having green there would indeed be something, I sometimes miss, just to know where the heck they are again.