Spy drones

Ahoy community,

i have come along the drone crate

and sadly its broken.

It is a PERMANENT debuff,

that DISABLES a SPECIAL completely.

you can no longer cloak, whatever you do,

no duration to run out.

Stealth is the only Special Ability you can completely disable,

please rework the module, should be used for marking runs for sniper frigates too, not only to gank heavies,

allthough stealth is a powerful ability and interceptors are fragile.



Ouch, didn’t realise it stopped people from cloaking.

It’s not the only module that shuts down a units special ability though. Anti missile defence shuts down a Jericho Frigates Guided Torpedo. Found that out in T3 tonight. Even got to see it shoot thru a pillar and hit my torpedo. Talk about utter crap.

A module should not be allowed to shut down a special ability or make a unit immune to a special ability. Otherwise you have made the module a must have for the unit being targeted and cut down on its viability because of it.

But this is BETA after all, but still come on.

How often do you see people using spy drone, its your cloaks hard counter and they are giving a ton up to take that active in hope they see a person that they know is about to cloak. 


We talk about it this afternoon on vent joking how spy drones is one of the weakness actives in the game and need a buff if anything.


I do want to say Anti missile defence is my fav part of flying a frig, most people just fire their jericho at my group over and over not caring that my cooldown is shorter then their.


It also came up on vent anti missile system can only take 1 target at a time and 2 people can use that to ram a missile threw the gap. Also because more people are using the system I’ve been getting slam with the swarm type missiles more the last 2 days. Got love a game with a good meta game I mean the counter for jericho missile spam now has a counter.

Yeah missile defense against Jericho torps is quite good and essential to the metagame.


And spy drones? Who uses spy drones, who? No one. I’ve yet to see or hear from anybody using them.

A lot of items in this game are more than useless and clutter up the interface with dozens of modules noone cares about.

Dose the spy drone ability to let your team see/“target” the enemy from any distance help at all? If you microwarp in and spy drone can your team then lock missiles and fire at a target that would normally be too far away to get at?

This thread was necro’ed, spy drones aren’t permanent now.