Sputnik [Ship]

so cosmonautics day is coming up, and I’ve thought of a ship that could become available, credit to Sebn8 for helping me come up with this idea. this ship would be constructed just like spiral and endeavor, it would come with a unique special module, active module, passive module, and weapon.



Interceptor: Recon

Rank: 9

Faction: Unique (probably statistically akin to a federation interceptor though)



-Weaponized Targeting System

DPS: 1000 Thermal

Damage: 1000 Thermal

Range: 3.5 KM

Overheating/Cooling: 7/.5


Damaging an enemy with this weapon reduces all their damage resistances by 15 points for 5 seconds


Special Module:

-Tactical Warp

Cooldown: 50 seconds


The ship becomes immobile for 3 seconds before teleporting 10 KM forwards, this will travel through solid objects, the warp will be cancelled if the ship would reappear within an obstacle. for 30 seconds after the module’s activation a wormhole is formed on each end of the warp, allies within 500 meters of either wormhole may warp through by pressing the interact key, or ‘C’


Active Module:

-Hologram Nova

Cooldown: 20 seconds


On activation 10 holograms of the ship are spawned randomly across the map for 5 seconds


Passive Module:

-Miniaturized IR Pulsar [CPU]


Double-clicking the ‘up’ strafe key will prevent all enemies currently locking the ship from locking ships for 10 seconds, usable once every 30 seconds

I love all of it. So much. Especially the wormhole idea. Had a similar idea a while ago as a change to the dessy wormhole module.