Split Stasis Generator Functionality

I suggest that Ion Diffuser be the only module able to disable weapons and modules, and the Stasis Generator be used solely to disable engines.

Splitting the module functionality would make the modules more active to use instead of one-click-stuns. This would be beneficial for essentially everyone. (except for various ECM pilots, which would then be required to use both ION and Stasis at the same time to fully disable a ship.)

I would appreciate that, yes.

It was like this before, too, well with the ability to stop someone from shooting. I want it changed back to how it was. It’s troublesome having to wait out 2 stuns just to be able to use your regeneration modules. 

The stasis should be fine if it stops you from shooting and moving. It’s the option to also take down enemy modules like the ion diffuser that makes it op. That, and it has even less of a cooldown. It is, right now, a better ion diffuser than the ion diffuser itself. 

Absolutely. IMO, every nerf to ECMs is a good nerf, they’re annoying af.