First post on the forum, so excuse me if this idea has already come and gone.  I thought that perhaps a good idea to add to this game would be a form of Spectate mode, where you can right click on someone on your friend list or corporation list and actually watch them play their games?  To me this would be a nice feature to apply to a game like this, especially if tournaments could be thrown in as well.  Players would click the ‘Spectate’ option and be put into their own chat, although the game would alert the players ‘??? is now spectating.’  Since the spectators’ chat would be separate, it would not interfere with the players, and the spectators could flip through the players on the team their friend is on.


…  Thoughts on that?

I would like to see that in game like in Dota 2, for example. But there should be some delay to prevent ghosting and other cheats.

It’s a nice idea. You could log in, see a friend online and go spectate him till he finishes the match and then invite them in a squad.

Also there should be a user chosen option wether they want to know if they are being spectated or not, some people are shy :slight_smile:

I’d go on a troll rampage if i knew i were spectated xD

Free flight spectating FTW as well!