Special Module Add-ons

The Special Modules or “F Modules” on all ships are cool and all, but because of their static nature, they seem to have been left behind with all of the other new modules and ships etc. I suggest that F modules be given a “modifier” slot that allows the user to fit unique features to their special module. These features could be found in OS, or in loot after battle, or even just come with certain special ships.


Plasma Web

-Charged Emitter: Makes the web deal more damage over less time

-Modulated Emitter: Makes the web deal less damage over more time

-Secondary Projector: Halves all stats of the default module but allows it to accumulate 2 charges over half the time.

Microwarp Engine

-Pulse Reactor: Initiates jump immediately, but the jump lasts 1 second less.

-Calibrated Warp: Warp freezes the ship in place for 3 seconds then the warp initiates for twice the normal duration.

-Shadow Leap: Warp functions the same but the ship cloaks before warp.


-Lingering Deflector: Invulnerability time is brought down to 4 seconds, but on release, the ship gains a secondary shield.

-Virus Wave: Instead of paralyzing enemies on release, the ship takes over any enemy structures in 5km.

-Dephased Energy Field: The ship does not become invulnerable, and the ship simply emits a stun pulse.



-Stonefish Modification: The ship cloaks as usual, but instead of gaining weapon power after decloaking, they emit a damaging pulse of energy to all nearby ships.

-Charged Cloak: The cloak lasts only 3 seconds, but the module can accumulate up to 4 charges over 1/4 the normal recharge time.

-Phantom Cloak: The cloak lasts only 9 seconds, but the ship warps a distance 1 second after cloaking.


-Bullrider Modification: Does not increase weapon parameters, but makes the ship immune to collision damage while increasing enemy collision damage.

-Charged Overdriver: Module can have up to 6 charges at 1/6 the cooldown time. Activation increases weapon damage and ship speed for the next 2 seconds.

-Regenerative Overdrive: Overdrive instead increases shield and energy regeneration by 500% and restores the user’s hull. Increases speed by 40%.

Diffusion Shield

-Rebound Modification: Instead of blocking damage, activation increases all resistance while reflecting received damage to nearby enemies and objects, consuming energy per damage unit. Does not block damage.

-Regenerative Modification: Damage taken is converted in to shield and hull healing while consuming energy.

-Chaos Modification: Taking damage teleports the user in a random direction by a small distance. Consumes a flat amount of energy per teleport.


Combat Drones

-Attack Modification: Activation releases a drone from orbit to pursue the target.

-Inverted Drones: Drones do not fire at enemies, but instead fire at damaged allies to heal them. Activation fires a drone at the crosshairs to deal damage like a missile.

-Vampire Drones: Damage done by the drones is returned to the user. If the user is above 75% health, the return is sent to the nearest damaged ally. Activation releases a new drone at normal intervals.


-Phasic Shot: The disintegrator can fire through up to two enemies, dealing less damage each time.

-Charged Shot: The disintegrator does not use a scope any more, and fires at the press of the module button with 1.5x cooldown.

-Detonating Shot: Disintegrator impact causes a small explosion with 1.5x cooldown.

Guided Torpedo

-Extended Fuel Canisters: Lets the guided torpedo fly 2km further while making the radiation cloud after last 3 second less.

-Thruster Package: Allows the torpedo to strafe, control speed, and stop. Torpedo does not leave radiation.

-Shredder Modification: Torpedo cannot explode, but can be flown with great precision through targets to deal damage. Second activation does not detonate the torpedo, but instead sends it on a straight course and resets the camera.

-FAF Modification: The torpedo acts on its own AI to hit the locked target, or the nearest target under the crosshairs. Lower cooldown and higher maneuverability. Avoids obstacles.

Phase Shield

-Turtle Modification: The shield becomes immune to damage of the chosen type, but other damage types deal 2x damage.

-Shifter Modification: Taking the selected damage type slowly pushes away all enemies in a radius.

-Reflector Modification: After enough of the selected damage type is taken, the ship emits a damaging pulse that deals that type of damage.


I’m especially fond of the LRF “ammo” and the Metastable Energy Field Generator modifications.