*SpaceMafia ( M5 ) Recruitment*


Tag: M5 

CEO: Nei

:::::::::: Requirements ::::::::::

-Active in Chat

-Active in game

-willing to Group up for Pve/Pvp/Coop and  more.

 ::::::::: Info :::::::::

CEO speaks 5 languages but we mainly use English.

We help new players so don’t worry if you’re new we will answer to your questions. 

We are growing very fast. at 50 members we were doing better than those with 100+ members. 

CEO dislikes Inactive Players. 3 days off is a ** kick-out** > Unless you send a mail to Ceo about your vacation or days you know you will be off. 

we use DISCORD as voice chat. but it is not mandatory. 

:::::: Only mandatory :::::::

When there’s a sector conquest, those in the raid team, should use the voice chat. 

:::: Our Goals ::::

To conquer most of the Sectors. 

To be Above Rank 11 in Pve and Pvp Corp Rankings.

To be the Oldest/Strongest corp ingame and experience everything the game has to offer.




2 Spots currently available for anyone looking to join

Corp is Mainly english speaking, and active 24/7

More spots available if anyones looking a corp.

Quick question about your corp CEO. What languages?

Nei’s busy with moving house, and medical exams atm, he speaks Portugese, Spanish, and Japanese.

Corps mainly english, with a couple of germans and russians, australians, etc etc, but chats 99.9% english



More spots Free, apply in game