Space MMO or Team Deathmatch

First off i love the game but its not open world its instance based at the moment and that seems a bit lame i was hoping for exploration as it suggests from some of the Faction descriptions. Right now i wait to queue for a death match so basically its an 3rd person shooter with space ships so where is the realm? what are boundaries? are you going to open up a world for us to fly around in. If i spend time making a ship and buying credits i want to troll around the universe and PK not locked into a death match with even teams its like MechWarrior with ships instead of mech’s.

"You can paint an apple yellow and call it a banana but its still an apple"

The game is mainly PvP based and at the moment there is no open world planned, but there will be some more PvE content in the future.

I agree. If there isn’t a persistent world they shouldn’t call it an MMO.