Idk where this idea came from but I thought it’d be cool to have a keybind where you could press it, then a “wave” traveling at a set speed goes out from your ship and highlights players and objects for about a second, where they are.


Ignores cloak/invis

Shows exact position no matter if radar is low range or jammed

Infinite range (limited to map though)


Slow, takes time to ping targets

Ping only lasts a second or two

Clutters the screen with pings

Not as effective as limited radar

Ping doesn’t move with target

So a key binding that decloaks and has infinite range?


No way that would upset game balance, seams like an awesome idea. I think it should also turn off afterburners if the ship is a tackler. O, and it should destroy any depolyables.


Lets just stop with this whole active module thing, and start going with this new key binding idea.

I mean who likes cool downs and game balancing anyway?


Then lets splash in EVERYONE having alien ships with turbophasers, and see how short we can get player retention to be.

Never said it decloaks. Just said it shows cloaked objects. If a bullet could hit a cloaked ship, so could a ping. :3

We already have the Micro Locator.

So basically captains view for 1-2 s… Just equip that with beams and all invisible ships can be hit…





We already have the Micro Locator.

This. It’s already effective enough.

as stated above by Error: declined

I guess I have not made its functions clear enough then… As it is absolutely nothing like micro locator. Oh well.

It is similar in that it reveals invisible ships. Having a map wide anti invisibility is a bit much even with limitations. If you need sensor range there are enhanced scanners XD


Personally I think it would be used by players to cheat on where enemy ships are flying because normally they would be “out of sensor range” which is a tactic. Also would reveal tackler instantaneous location that just escaped allowing hitscan weapon to sweep the area for a second bite at the cherry.


Would be great in invasion for finding those cyber leaders but again you can simply equip enhanced scanner :slight_smile:

Well then let’s make it invasion only. Xp

That’s kinda what I had in mind for it