some things - ships weaps ect.


some suggestions from me,

mostly im “fly” flier, im mean interceptor :wink: and that what i can see from my chair after a lot of changes.

-interceptors should get a little bit more to their guns or atleast they should get a little more to maneuvering - they should be fast and cut a foe with a lot of attacks (mostly in a wolf pack - but still to less players using smaller crafts like interceptors or fighters… keep reading, you will know why).

jericho interceptor skill last too long

-fighters should be a little less fast, they have 2x more firepower compare to interceptor, not to emntion about hull and shield.

(as far as i know weapons are not using power anymore, so in fighter skill tree you can find some usless skills)

-a doomstars… i mean frigates should be a support ships, according to what they have in skill tree. but for now its killing machine hard to stop from distance. i hardly see anyone using them us support, mostly as snipers. - imo its wrong way. they are killing fun and joy from flying smaller ships. - two skilled players and i mean those with a lot skills in proper trees, are abe to annihillate whole army of fighters and interceptors. they are too fast imo. they should be slower and get maybe a little more HULL hp

-plasma gun barrels are too slow, without proper mods, sometimes they are usless. hard to hit even other frigate if mounted on one.

-railgun is the best type of weapong for now, for each kind of ship, and for sure best for snipers. even when flying with full speed and avoiding most barrel, laser, and projectiles, a sniper with a railgun will always hit you, always. an interceptor is for 2 hit debris. - tested from both sides, and even as sniper im pretty sure its too OP.

-lasers, im using them… mostly never so hard to say for me as a user, seems okey but some lasers mounted on frigates are too accurate and shoots too often, adding an overheating would be nice.

-sniping… im not talking about sniping mode, cuz only empire frigates have this ability, im talking about all frigates, when jericho, federation frigates are able to kill you from 9-10k distance with laser and more importand with railgun. and they dont need sniping mode to hit you cuz while flying you are getting hit instantly without possibillity to avoid any projectile as it was in 0.5 or even earlier. - i have wrote about that somewhere else, when there is team of 12 players, 6 flies with frigate (, that means something and mostly an experienced players are using them (experienced = a lot of exp for skills).

changing some weapons or frigates will push players to use them as support, as it should be. or use more often smaller crafts.

feel free to comment but please keep it civil.


i do understand you completly - the sniper railgun (myself using a frigate t2-2 with sniper rails t2mk2) are a little to hard hitting, maybe the rof could be raised, the damage and the spread reduced

i did already suggest in another threadto balance the slow barrels

maybe the sniper specials of jericho and empire should be reworked to something more like the ferderate’s drones - maybe holographic decoy ships for empire and a reinforced attack shield for jericho which drains the enemy’s shield capacity to operate (reference to the OTAS Castrum of X3:Reunion XTended mod)

one thing that still gives me cancer is the rapidfire railgun - it’s more like a scatter gun even though it’s been rebalanced it’s still not my loved rapid fire from early open beta / cbt

final thought: the fracking NUKE! why is there an t1 / t2 version? t3 ok fine but this thing is a absolute killer - for example: i attacked a enemy beacon in domination -> got shot a lot someone set’s of a nuke -poff-

true nuke for t2 is bad idea, and what i saw today is jericho interceptors skill, players are kamikaze and spaming it as hell. it should be nerfed

I already posted on these Topics on my suggestion thread.

RoF for Alpha Strike (high damage, Low reload time weapons) Should be long, like 2-3 seconds, but their damage should equate to something just below Dps.

So a raingun for example will do

240dps, 2.5 reload, and have a range of 3.2km

and a plasma would do

320dps, 1s reload, and have a range of 1.8-2km