Some Random Suggestion...

Hi! I’m a random fan of Star Conflict, and if possible I would like to suggest some types of map,


1.( PvE ). A map where every faction fight a alien force :P, Yes like the levithan and tentacle monsters, and so on. (I bet someone has already suggested this.)


2.( PvP ). A map where there is total darkness, I mean, you must know that the “light” comes from the sun right? What I am  suprised of is that it’s so bright in each map, you can clearly see everything, but the problem is that, where does this light come from? Where I ask you?

So what I am suggesting is that a map with full darkness, and the only thing you can be able to see your enemies is your own flashlight (the light from the ship) radars, the LEDS on the ship and the light from behind the ship. doesn’t it sound fun? and while fighting each other the lasers,plasma and kinetic shows these awsome effects in darkness ^^.


3 ( PvP ) I bet someone has already suggested this, a map where 1 side escorts their battleships to a destination, and the enemy team has to destroy it as fast as possible, before it teleports out. Which results in the defenders victory.


Sorry, if my English sucks, because im still a student =).


Prolly wrong place to post this to, but… If possible, more custumization for the ship please :smiley:

Like that the modules, for an example, the increase 18% hull armor changes how the ship looks, or maybe you can paint how your ships looks like, be able to change the colour and the strips and so on.

Or maybe be able to custumize the LED lights, instead of blue you change it to red and so on,