Some PVE suggestions

First, “Open Space” that isn’t PVP is PVE.


So now about the areas around New Eden, as an example:


  1. When I hover over them in the map they say “Rank 1 ship or higher.” You go to Abandoned Beacon with a Rank 1 level 1 ship and die instantly.


Suggestion: Rebalance these areas down about 500% or set the ship ranking appropriately to Rank 6 or above so new players know there is no map to explore until they grind to Rank 6 ships, know that the idea of “getting their own ship” and exploring is not an option until that time and that they won’t be able to get better resources until after they endlessly grind the Ace area for what resources they can get and choose the non “Open Space” launch options to grind those Rank 6 ships.


  1. And this is my reason for making a forum post at all: ASSISTS ARE TO ACHIEVE OBJECTIVE.


I’ve watched Guard and Harpy ships die focusing on PVE objectives when the other ships don’t defend them. See if everyone goes in just to do the objective that doesn’t promote team play at all, but Assists are supposed to be part of the team play, well isn’t that the point of a team to achieve the Objectives? When I am flying a small ship and taking out the spawns before they even get a chance to fire at the Guard Ship or Harpy I am helping the Objective be completed. Assists need at least a 20% boost or just take em out and we all run in just for team to fail as we each die and no one takes on support roles to assure we can get the objective completed. Sure some elitists and those who have all gold items by spending a bunch of cash in the game can eek out a win or may not need the rest of team, so instead of subjecting the rest of us to their invincibility as our problem in that we’re in a team environment, give em a solo mode. But for team play and the idea of encouraging team quit assuming assists with such low values and as though that’s not to be assumed an effort for the team in completing the objective. To have people who just shoot at the objective, and survive because I am shooting down what would be attacking them and making the map take longer to do then get the high scores is to make the objective a means of destroying team play, and shows the Developer has a lack of comprehension of PVE and Team play as well. Many of the PVE players you want playing this and spending money play stand alone games just fine, but we join into larger communities for the social aspect of taking on a large scale enemy. If you’d prefer we went and spent our money on other games, likely stand alone single player games, then leave it as it is. But if you want us to spend money here, put your mind to work making it work for PVE players without any bias against them, such as offering 3x synergy rewards for PVP while I get one PVE map for x2 and that’s it.


You guys have tried to make it a great Free to Play game, and I get that, and you’ve done well, However, 200 Standards for a duplicator is ridiculous, and fuel cost for a gate to take me somewhere is just as ridiculous. I understand anti-botting and protecting the game, yet, there are levels of protection that are merely alienating players who you could have spending money while the game is innovative, has a community, and could easily grow, before a competitor, better hardware, etc., makes the game obsolete. A credits option for Duplicators (even though I know we can make em, don’t get me wrong, but to make em you have to get crystals that drop sparingly) along with lowering their price to 20 standards would create a higher liklihood of people spending to buy em, and that would mean buying Standards as well.


So there’s my suggestions and 2 cents, maybe 3 if you look at this as 3 topics, won’t be back, know thread will be griefed, hijacked, etc., and hope that if Developers look at this at all they see the point of what I’ve posted here is that they need to free up the game, the grind is not the issue, the peripheral things like scoring and other costs are, and these accumulate, and are why I uninstalled a year ago. I come back hoping things that were killing the game then are fixed, but so far Gajin is settling for likely less than 50% of their potential market, and if that’s the goal then everything is fine, but if they want to have better cash flow I urge the Developers to consider my suggestions.



Thank you for your time,






P.S. A fuel Cache in the hanger that we can fill with Fuel Cannisters that we pick up and can take into inventory would also be helpful if the fuel cost for a gate to take me somewhere is not going to be taken out of the game, and making the fuel a separate take in that doesn’t take up a cargo slot in the ship would also be very useful, could set fuel for percentage of ship’s hull as a “tank” value so we get more fuel available in our ship as we level it up too.