Some modules should be buffed for PvE

Plasma Web  (Cov Ops) and similar modules should have a 90% lower cooldown.

Metastable generator (ECM) should have the cooldown reduced by 70%

Destabilizing field  (Sirius Suppressor) should have an 80% lower cooldown and 80% lower energy consumption.

Gravitational lens  (Suppressor) should have the gravity effect disabled for allies, and the gravity effect increased by 200% against the bots.


These are just some “gut feel” values for some modules that seem particularly useless or counterproductive (cough cough grav lens) in PvE

Can you guys think of any other modules that should get a special buff (or even a nerf) for PvE?

Since PvE got a makeover and is super difficult in higher levels I am all for buffing some things for players. I don’t see any nerfs helping though. It’s hard to be OP in late PvE.