Some minds about the custom battels...

Hi guys!


I the last round of custom battels, i got a few more ideas for the custom battels in Star Conflict. I´ll introduce you them here.


  • Before our game started, we got massive problems by finding enough players for combat recon. So, how would it be if we get a function for joining custom matches over the normal Matchmaking? Maybe we can get a tickable box in the options that´s called something like: “Allow Custom Matches” or “Auto joining Custom Battels”. So we haven´t to wait so long for finding Players.
  • If you join a game that´s in progress, you should be able to specate the fighting players, like the killed teammembers when their capatin is killed.


I know, those things are hard to embing, but it would make the waiting for the recommend players much more fun.


I would add to this the “randomise squads” option, so that you can shuffle the players around and people aren’t just stuck on a weaker team for every match.