Solo play: When you are looking for experience, and not a drop in rating..

I know I hate it when I get a new ship, reconfigure the set up, go into battle, and take a hit to rating simply because I am not experienced with the ship type, or need to improve the module configuration…


People who constantly play one type of ship, such as an interceptor, and decide to switch over and try a different type, such as a guard frigate know what I am talking about. I would like to be able to set up a solo match, one player and bots, of a select game type, to try to build a bit better familiarity, and test out something new, before bringing it into the PVP world, and putting destroyed ship rating/win loss rating on the shoulders of this new setup or ship…


How this would work:


  • Absolutely no experience/credits/synergy would be gained from a Solo match, so people would not be able to use this as a credit farm.


  • Missiles used in a Solo Match would not need to be replenished, and no repair cost required… You would not gain anything from the match.


  • You would be able to chose a game mode of your choice for your Solo match, and the amount of bots on each side


  • Allow for the game to be paused/unpaused by entering the menu in a solo match


  • (If Possible) Allow the player to chose the types of ships bots will fly on each team, or set it as random. 


  • (If Possible) Allow for the player to edit the configuration of the ship he or she is using in game. 


Again, this is another idea, but one I would very much like to see in game… Thanks for reading!  :good:

I think this exists, at least I can remember flying against bots when I first loaded the game?


Just start a private match solo, I believe the game fills up the slots with bots. If I recall right, it’s fairly ineffecient though, it used to add the same amount of bots on both sides regardless of how many human players are on either side, so you do get lopsided teams. This might be fixed by now, but I haven’t tried it for a considerable length of time.

Ah you’re right! I wish players had a little bit more control over a private match though…


I believe what you are looking for is the Custom Battle option. The [most recent patch](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20373-changes-in-patch-084/) will include expanded options for the aforementioned Custom Battles.