Soldier Of Fortune DLC addition

Of the many people I’ve gotten to look though the store for the game, every one of them seemed to think that the DLC “Mercenary Pack - Soldier Of Fortune” was the least worth the money. I mean, yeah there are better packs with better stuff, but $20 for what you get doesn’t seem to be a people pleaser.

Onwards to the suggestion:

I was looking at the store and noticed that there were three little dog tag like items on the DLC pack.

I saw a radar-like symbol on one, and thought that must be the extra loot attempt key…

Then the factions: the VIP-card.

Then what was the last tag with the single GS on it? Well I thought that it could be a reward key that allows you to “find” a handful of GS after battle. This could be a great way to re-implement the old “GS after battle” feature the game had, while still giving money to the company for development. And with this addition more people will buy it as well! It’s a win-win for everyone! X3

(I’d love those tags irl too!)


I agree with you, but so far we know that we won’t get 2 things from loot attempts.



Galactic Standards


I, of course, would implement both such features, if I could.

Monks can be looted though. XD

It’s very rare but it happens.

Also I mean GS from the battle it’s self, not from loot spots. Remember when winning game you between 1-10 GS? Well. That. ^^

I actually would like to +1 this suggestion. The ability to have a chance to pick some standards from the loot search would be awesome and would follow with the actual title of the DLC: Soldier of Fortune.

Thanks for the suggestion, but GS after battle will be used for events.

But this is only a little bit of them only on occasion! It is nowhere near as much GS as you get from golden battles or the tournament! ^^